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Fratricidal is a level 33 Natural Arachnos Soldier on the Infinity server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powersets are Arachnos Soldier and Bane Spider Soldier, and his secondary powersets are Training and Gadgets and Bane Spider Training. He has pool powers from the Speed set.

Fratricidal was created on May 28, 2008.

Fratricidal is a member of the Dream Stalkers supergroup.


The smallest and weakest of his parents' eleven children, he was naturally called Runt. Time and time again, Runt tried to find his own niche, working hard to shine, only to have one of the others step in and overshadow him with minimal effort.

There was really only one way.


Arachnos Soldier: Burst (6), Heavy Burst (8), Bayonet (20)

Bane Spider Soldier: Bash (1), Build Up (10), Pulverize (12), Shatter (18), Placate (26), Poisonous Ray (30), Crowd Control (32)

Training and Gadgets: Wolf Spider Armor (2), Combat Training: Offensive (4), Tactical Training: Maneuvers (16), Tactical Training: Leadership (22)

Bane Spider Training: Bane Spider Armor Upgrade (1), Cloaking Device (24), Surveillance (28)

Speed: Super Speed (14)

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