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Fryhtu is a level 34 Magic Stalker on the Freedom server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Dark Melee and his secondary powerset is Dark Armor. He has pool powers from the Flight set.

Fryhtu was created on February 16, 2007.

Fryhtu is a member of the Les Enfant Terribles supergroup.


From the earliest days, people have feared the night. Children think they see monsters in the shadows, and the adults tell them it's their imagination... but sometimes, the children prove to be more observant than they're given credit for.

The fryhtu have always been natural order of the night... but what if they struck in daylight?


Dark Melee: Smite (1), Shadow Maul (2), Assassin's Eclipse (6), Build Up (8), Placate (12), Siphon Life (18), Shadow Punch (24), Touch of Fear (26), Midnight Grasp (32)

Dark Armor: Hide (1), Dark Embrace (4), Murky Cloud (14), Obsidian Shield (16), Dark Regeneration (20), Shadow Dweller (22), Cloak of Fear (28)

Flight: Fly (10), Hover (30)

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