Hammer of Not Bickering (Pinnacle Supergroup)

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Apologies, fellow Entrusted One. It appears our records are unfinished in regards to this entity. As such, please feel free to assist our Menders in adding your knowledge to this repository. Thank you for your understanding...

Hammer of Not Bickering is a hero supergroup on the Pinnacle server. It was founded on December 9, 2007 by Bill Bowman.


Date joined Rank Name Player
2007-12-09 Founder Archetypeicon defender.png Originicon natural.png 26 Bill Bowman @Patteroast
2007-12-09 Commander Archetypeicon defender.png Originicon magic.png 11 Hamish MacBain @Crater
2007-12-09 Commander Archetypeicon tanker.png Originicon magic.png 8 King in Burgundy @Crater
2007-12-09 Commander Archetypeicon warshade.png Originicon science.png 12 Ruler of the Land @Crater
2007-12-09 Commander Archetypeicon controller.png Originicon magic.png 4 Inner Devil @Crater
2007-12-09 Leader Archetypeicon blaster.png Originicon technology.png 15 Quaoar @Patteroast
2007-12-09 Leader Archetypeicon defender.png Originicon magic.png 25 Pungol @Patteroast
2007-12-09 Leader Archetypeicon defender.png Originicon magic.png 13 Vermicula @Patteroast
2007-12-09 Leader Archetypeicon tanker.png Originicon magic.png 17 Bose Condensation @Patteroast
2007-12-09 Leader Archetypeicon scrapper.png Originicon science.png 10 Atomic Lizard-Donkey @Patteroast
2008-05-21 Leader Archetypeicon controller.png Originicon technology.png 8 Welding Man @Patteroast
2008-08-21 Leader Archetypeicon scrapper.png Originicon mutation.png 11 Through the Flames @Patteroast