Ka Anor (Infinity)

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Ka Anor

Ka Anor is a level 14 Magic Mastermind on the Infinity server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Demon Summoning and his secondary powerset is Thermal Radiation. He has pool powers from the Flight set.

Ka Anor was created on April 28, 2010, but was later deleted. He was remade on August 16, 2010.


The god-eater of Hetwan, unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.


Demon Summoning: Summon Demonlings (1), Enchant Demon (6), Crack Whip (8), Summon Demons (12)

Thermal Radiation: Warmth (1), Fire Shield (2), Cauterize (4), Plasma Shield (10)

Flight: Fly (14)

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