Killer Fairy (Defiant)

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Killer Fairy student.jpeg
Fairy with a gun, and science!
Killer Fairy
Player: @Corlagon
Server: Defiant
Origin: Originicon science.png Science
Archetype: Archetypeicon blaster.png Blaster
Security Level: Align Status Vigilante.png 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Carlene Nicholson
Known Aliases: None
Age: 28
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Hero, biochemist
Place of Birth: Berlin, Connecticut, USA
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, USA
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Cold magic, flight
Known Abilities
Custom rifle
No additional information available.

The Killer Fairy is a Vigilant Blaster on Defiant. Her Power Sets are Assault Rifle and Ice Manipulation.

She originally existed on Zukunft as Killerfee, and has been remade on Reunion as a Sentinel, with Ice Armor as her secondary powers.

An originally human science geek, she performed a reckless experiment with fairy DNA on herself, and subsequently found herself forced into a Hero career. She didn't turn out to be that powerful, however, so she got herself a big custom gun, too.

Mission Architect stories

Character History

As a teenager, Carlene Nicholson was rather independent and geekish, with little interest in anything but science. She developed a close friendship with fellow geek Dalton Pace, although it never grew romantic. They eventually acquired scholarships to Paragon University, with Carlene deciding to major in biochemistry, while Dalton was more interested in technology.

Carlene proved to be a particularly curious and overeager student, and was actually encouraged by her professor in that matter. This culminated in her performing a careless experiment with fairy DNA on herself, violating several university rules in doing so (how she had obtained that DNA in the first place remains unclear). As a result, she developed magical powers, shrank and grew wings.

Kicked out, Carlene attempted to open her own little science lab, hoping other researchers and potential customers would appreciate her obvious love of experimentation, but the only people interested in her work were of a kind that made even her uncomfortable. Thus, she found herself forced into becoming a Hero, making use of her powers and some support from Dalton, with her rather carefree attitude earning her the nickname Killer Fairy. This career choice made it relatively easy for her to obtain backing (which she doesn't mind misappropriating as she sees fit).

The Killer Fairy joined the - Rising Alliance Of Justice - in 2010, and left the group two years later for unknown reasons.

Personality and Motivation

The Killer Fairy supports the good guys, but ultimately considers being a Hero a mere job. Her passion remains mad science, and she hopes she can pursue her research and experimentation full-time someday.

She doesn't care for rules and laws, and is occasionally accused of being unnecessarily reckless and violent, although the fact that her usual victims are far worse persons than she is allows her to get away with it (so far).

Powers, Abilities and Equipment

Carlene's fairy experiment on herself was successful in theory, but it didn't make her as powerful as many other metahuman Heroes and Villains are. The wings she now sports are very much functional, and she's capable of performing magic – having randomly specialized in manipulating cold, or, as she would probably describe it herself, removing thermal energy –, but not to the point where it could carry her through an average battle by itself.

Therefore, once she decided to fight villains professionally, she had Dalton build her a powerful, multifunctional rifle. The gifted technician continues to upgrade it on occasion.

She has also recently begun to bring quick-acting medicine into battle, in case a comrade gets injured and no specialized healer is with them.

More details to come.