Lucius Darnell (Protector)

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Lucius Darnell
Player: @Annointed King
Server: Protector
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: "The Crimson Herald", "A False Messiah"
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Freelance Vanguard/Midnighter, Mender of the Ouroboros, Herald of Triumvirism
Place of Birth: Queens, New York
Base of Operations: The Sewers of Founder's Falls
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Kaballah, Jewish Mysticism; Kendo, Japanese Sword-Fighting; Time-Travel
Known Abilities
Able to Regenerate Wounds, reach maximum speeds and heights
Impervium Katana, The Vade Mecum of Triumvirism, Acceleration-Elevation Enhancing Sabatons, Dexterity-Stamina Combination-Enhancing Kevlar Armor
No additional information available.


The Dawn: 1200's

During the Fourth Crusade, and the time of the Great Schism, the Knights-Templar began merciless killings to take back the city of Zara in order to "restore obedience". During the siege, the Knights-Templar came in contact with two other militarized groups: The Ashes of Cyprus, an Islamic Group of Byzantians Janissaries who held a vendetta against the Knights-Templar; and The Ordinators of Harmony, a Jewish-sect of Clerics and Chaplains, whom sought to restore peace to the lands of Palestine, and drive the Knights-Templar out of Palestine.

During the midst of the battle, Uriel Tuor the Spaniard, Chapter-Master of the group of Knights-Templar, met with Grand Cleric Barack Elum, leader of the Ordinators of Harmony, and Ahura-Mazda Amon, Ağa of the Ashes of Cyprus.

The three, along with their must trusted advisors and generals, conferred for days for a resolution to end the fighting. It soon dawned onto each of them that all their goals were the same, with all view-points nearly parallel, and their cause was guided against the wrong enemies.

The three leaders then then drew the willing soldiers to leave their old orders, to join the order the three founded: The Emberwake Accord.

But, unfortunately, the three orders whom The Emberwake Accord forgo from them, they sought out to defeat them, with the Accord virtually obliterated.


On December 24, 1989, a young boy by the name of Lucius Darnell was born to Mister Daniel Darnell and Misses Deborah Darnell, of Queens, New York; a Catholic family. Lucius' father, Daniel, was an alcoholic, and would always abuse Lucius. Lucius' mother, Deborah, was cynical and always believed Lucius was greedy and unappreciative.

With the growing nuclear threat and abusive domestic life, the only thing Lucius could do was pray he would be saved by heroes, such as The Dream Doctor (His idol). But at the end of each day, he would face the disappointment of his prayers going unanswered.

On September 11, 2001, Lucius Darnell and his family were visiting the World Trade-Center in Manhattan, New York, when they were attacked. Lucius' parents were killed during the attack, and Lucius severely crippled and slowly going insane. After the attacks, Lucius was hospitalized in the McClean Hospital, in Massachusetts on December 16, 2001.

Enlightenment: December 16, 2001-March 23, 2002

During Lucius' time during his brief stay, for a little more or less than four months, Lucius' recovery was slow and with little results, at the end of each day.

During Lucius' time there, grew an interest. The interest being is religion, more specifically, Biblical religions. During his stay, he requested a Torah, Bible, and Quar'an to be given to him, with his faith in God, and why he would allow such a travesty to happen, obliterated.

On March 22, 2002, he was taken into custody by a woman named Morathi Ereth-Khial, claiming to me a relative of Lucius Darnell. With only moments of Lucius' custody, the staff of the asylum reluctantly agreed, but dared not to argue on the matter any longer.

The next day, at 4:30 P.M., the Rikti Invasion began, with Massachusetts leveled in only minutes.

Ascension: 2002-2007

Morathi, with Lucius in possession, she took him away to Saudia Arabia, within hours of gaining his custody. In Sauda Arabia, Morathi took Lucius to Rub' al Khail, arabic for "Empty Quarter", where they arrived at some Persian Ruins that were briefly raised out of the desert's sand dunes, before concealed once more, once the two entered them.

Within the ruins, Morathi revealed to Lucius that she wasn't his relative, but the new ağa of the revived Ashes of Cyprus, and wished to train Lucius, for he was "special". How he was special, was never revealed to him.

Despite his insanity, Lucius was able to understood this, agreed to train with her. Over the years, Morathi trained Lucius vigorously in both the tuning of both the body and mind. For assault, Lucius was trained in the art of Kendo, Japanese sword fighting. For defense, Lucius was trained in the art of Kabbalah; Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah has been a long and almost forgotten practice of Judaism, and it's potential never achieved. But with Lucius' practice of it, he was able to unlock a special power: longevity and regeneration.

Exodus: 2007-2008

On December 23, 2007, Morathi Ereth-Khial, along with fellow Sybarites of Cyprus, proceeded in a ritual with Lucius, augmenting him in runes, scarred into his flesh, with holy Herbew and Arabic words. The magic of the runes took quick effect, healing Lucius of any and all ailments, including his insanity. With all hindrances healed, Lucius could see clearly, and learned that the Ashes of Cyprus were not the order of the Age of the Crusaders. They've become a corrupt, daemonic cult.

For weeks on end,Lucius fought for his life, through the rigorous training Morathi made him go through, as well as hopes that messages he sent out beyond the ruins reached someone.

On January 14, 2008, the ruins were stormed by Agents of the Midnight Squad, both from the Rogue Isle and Paragon City, who were lead by The Sterling Silverbow, a Mutant Marksman skilled in Kinetics and Archery.

Morathi and the Ashes of Cyprus were forced to retreat, with the Midnight Squad Agents rescuing Lucius Darnell.


Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

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Dexterity-Stamina Combination-Enhancing Kevlar Armor

Acceleration-Elevation Enhancing Sabatons

The Vade Mecum of Triumvirism

Impervium Katana