Madam Freezeezy (Pinnacle)

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Madam Freezeezy


Character Details
Origin Originicon science.png Science
Archetype Archetypeicon defender.png Defender
Primary Cold Domination
Secondary Ice Blast
Other Powers Fitness, Speed
Security Level 50
Formal Name Stacy Trauss
Gender Gendericon female.png Female
Additional information available at City Info Tracker

Battle Cry
"Evil better dress warmly!"


Stacy Trauss was always gifted in researching the field of cryonics. Unfortunatly, she was not as gifted in the field of remembering where she had set down her coffee, leading her to accidentaly drink an experimental compound that reduced her internal body temperature to -40°F. Now with her newfound ability to absorb and dispel heat, she has dedicated most of her free time to fighting crime in Paragon City.