Mighty Thunderman (Zukunft)

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Thunderman 8.PNG
Mighty Thunderman
Player: @Torben87

Originicon magic.png Magic


Archetypeicon tanker.png Tanker

Security Level:


Super Group:

the Fire Fighters

Personal Data
Real Name:

Torben (last name unknown)

Known Aliases:

Thunderman, Thunder, Thunder-Knight, T-Man



Date of Birth:


Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:


Base of Operations:

Paragon City, Rhode Island

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:
  • Parents
  • No Siblings
Additional Data
Known Powers:
Known Equipment:
  • Thunderstorm (mystical warhammer)
  • Thunder Amulet
  • Asgardian armors & shields
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Becoming Mighty

He was once an usual young man, until his life changed drastically...

When walking home from a party one night, a strange thunderstorm appeared and a single lightning hit him. The lightning caused him to pass out but didn't kill or hurt him. After he woke up about one hour later he kept walking home, wondering what happened and how he survived. He noticed that there was an amulet in the shape of Thor's hammer around his neck, unaware of where it came from. He decided to keep all of this secret. During the following days, his physical powers and abilities, also his senses, were increasing beyond the limits of an average human and that his appearance was changing slightly aswell.

A few weeks later, he had a dream/vision one night, showing him how to use the amulet to summon the Asgardian Armor and the war-hammer "Thunderstorm". He used his powers for the first time outside of a disco, when he saw that four guys were threatening a girl. He went to a place where no one saw him, summoned his armor, got into it and defeated all of them while defending her.

After this event he decided to use his powers under the alias "Thunderman" to help people in need and fight crime. About two months later, an athletic, blonde woman approached him, introducing herself as the Valkyrie Brunnhilda and telling him that Thor and other gods from the dimension of Asgard made him a superhero to protect the world from the evil god Loki and other threats.

Early sketch created with UGO's Hero Machine

Thunderman Begins

Thunderman Begins (Mission Architect Story Arc)

During his first adventures Thunderman encountered numerous foes, like the Hellions, the 5th Column, Arachnos, the super-villainess Lady Arachnia and her henchwomen Lethal Tarantula and Venomous Widow.

The Hollows

Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls

Thunderman's work in the Hollows against the Outcasts got Officer David Wincott's attention and when he sought Thunderman out to help him with a little Troll problem, it seemed like a perfect fit.

The Trolls had it in for the Outcasts, attacking any hideout they could find. Wincott sent Thunderman after them to see what he could 'dig up'. From one of the Troll raiders he found a list of Outcast hideouts. It was easy enough for him to make the connection that this was a hit list. The Outcasts had holed up in one of the numerous Abandoned Office buildings and the Trolls were going to attack them. Entering the building himself, Thunderman was reminded of the old saying about two birds and a single stone.

It wasn't until he came face to face with an Outcast by the name of the Electric Eel that Thunderman began to rethink his strategy. Thankfully, his determination over powered his raw... well 'power' and Thunderman was able to shut them down. Now that just left the Bedrock to deal with.

He must have fancied himself a collector of some sort because after Thunderman beat down some of his guards, where he got a stone key from, Thunderman found his way into Bedrock's 'gallery'. It was full of strange artifacts, artifacts, Bedrock preferred Thunderman didn't touch. The two of them fought and again, Thunderman was surprised at the sheer force of the Outcasts. But Bedrock was soon the one who was surprised when Thunderman brought him to his knees.

Officer Wincott was glad to see Thunderman made it out in one piece and that he'd managed to put a dent in the Trolls. However, with nothing more pressing for Thunderman to do, he sent him on his way.

Source: "Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls" Story Arc from David Wincott

Flux the Outcast

Thunderman met Flux out in the Hollows, not the nicest of guys, could use a shave and a shower, but there was something about Flux that told Thunderman he was on the right side. Flux was a spy, infiltrating the Outcasts in the hope of bringing them down. It was rare that he saw that kind of dedication towards a single enemy. At least in that Thunderman respected him.

At first, the missions Flux gave him were nothing more than errands any beginning hero could perform. But then, Flux let Thunderman into his confidence.

Frostfire, founder of the Outcasts was set in Thunderman's sights. To think this guy once considered himself a hero. How far we fall sometimes. Thunderman defeated him. It wasn't his easiest fight, but he managed it. As Thunderman looked down at Frostfire's body, he got the briefest flash of himself in his position. 'It could happen to any of us', a voice inside his head told him. Before he left Frostfire, Thunderman ripped off that stupid little emblem on Frostfire's T-Shirt as a reminder of what could happen.

'Not to me', Thunderman thought as he walked away, hopefully never looking back.

Source: "Flux the Outcast" Story Arc from Flux

The Storm Maiden

After the fight with Frostfire Thunderman noticed that someone was knocking against a door . He used his hammer to break the door open and found a young dark-skinned woman with white hair and blue eyes in the small room behind it. Thunderman brought the weakened woman, who was obviously a mutant, immediately to the PPD's medical station in the Hollows.

When she was feeling better, the woman told him that her name is Raia and that she was the girlfriend of Frostfire. When he told her to lead a group of Outcasts into the Tunnels of the Trolls to destroy them with bombs, which would had caused many of the Trolls to die, she refused to obey Frostfire's orders and tried to convince him and the other Outcasts that killing them would be wrong. Frostfire counted this as a betrayal, used some magical chains on Raia that neutralized her powers and locked her in the room where Thunderman found her.

Feeling sorry for her, Thunderman helped Raia to start a new life free of crime and taught her to use her mutant powers to defend and help people. The two eventually became close friends and partners. From then on she was known as "Storm Maiden", Thunderman's sidekick.

A Dark Mirror

Twisted Reflections

It all started when a man named Keith Nance accused Thunderman of being a murderous villain. Thunderman tried to prove his innocence to him, only to be interrupted by news that he was attacking the Faultline Dam. Despite not trusting Thunderman, Nance agreed to work together with him to get to the bottom of this. Thunderman went to the Faultline Dam and saved the Dam - and a Wyvern agent - from the Freakshow. However, his evil double was not there. Nance called in to him, saying that his double was spotted by Agent G. It also seemed that Nance was starting to trust Thunderman...somewhat.

Thunderman spoke with Agent G, who pointed him towards an Arachnos base within Faultline. He arrived to find the base engulfed in flames! His other self had been through here, though for what reason Thunderman did not know. He hacked an Arachnos computer to discover that the base was being used as a monitoring station by Arachnos. Shortly afterwards, Thunderman was attacked - by his mirror! He defeated them only to realize that this couldn't have been the evil him. Nance informed Thunderman that the evil him just tried to attack Mirror Spirit. The version of himself that was defeated was taken into S.A.M. custody while Thunderman went to speak with Mirror Spirit.

Mirror Spirit knew at once that he was not the evil clone and told him where his evil self went. Thunderman traveled through the sewers of Faultline and fought his evil self. However, much like himself, his evil double was connected to a medi-port system!

Thunderman received help from Nance and Citadel to track down where his evil double went, though Nance informed Thunderman that his other double escaped S.A.M. custody. Thunderman busted into his evil double's base to discover his good double there. The two of them split up - Thunderman went after his evil self, while his double went to save Agent Jenni Adair, who had been kidnapped. Thunderman fought and defeated his evil self, but could not ask it any questions. Moments after being defeated, his evil self died, most likely from some internal device.

Thunderman returned to Keith, who thanked him for his help, but noted that the investigation wasn't over yet, not when Thunderman discovered his clone was working for someone else. While he was able to clear his good name, this would only be the beginning of Thunderman's work with the S.A.M....

Source: "Twisted Reflections" Story Arc from Field Agent Keith Nance

Looking Through the Glass

Thunderman contacted Agent Adair after the events that transpired with Agent Keith Nance. Agent Adair revealed that the mastermind behind Thunderman's evil clone was a shapeshifter named Protean, who was working with the 5th Column. Together with his good double, Thunderman stormed a 5th Column base to get more information about the situation. There he discovered that Protean was working together with Archon Burkholder, who was defecting to the 5th Column. Protean had lured him to the 5th Column with the promise of new Clockwork technology.

Thunderman and his double discovered where Archon Burkholder would be and ambushed him and his men. After being defeated, Burkholder gave up all the information Thunderman needed. The Clockwork technology was from Praetoria, and Protean was working for someone within that dimension. Burkholder also told Thunderman that Protean had taken over a Portal Corp lab within Talos and was getting ready to release an army from Praetoria!

Wasting no time, Thunderman and his double attacked the lab. Thunderman was able to defeat Protean, but his double could not deactivate the portal manually. Thunderman's double made the ultimate sacrifice to destroy the portal, stopping the Praetorian army's invasion. His double's last words to him still echo in Thunderman's mind sometimes...

'It's up to you. You have two worlds to defend now.'

Source: "Looking Through the Glass" Story Arc from Special Agent Jenni Adair

Shades of Gray

The Dark Avenger

The Tale of Cimerora

Paragon once again

Eternal Night

Through the Looking Glass

The Instant Army

To Save a Thousand Worlds

A Hero's Epic

Personal Details



Graphic Design, Parties, Clubbing, Travelling


Technology, Mythology, History, Mystics

Powers and Abilities


Thunderman's powers originate from his advanced physiology, the Asgardian Armor and the Warhammer "Thunderstorm". All of it was granted by Thor and some other Asgardian Gods.

Primary Power Set

Shield Defense:

  • ShieldDefense ActiveDefense.png Deflection
  • ShieldDefense Deflection.png Battle Agility
  • ShieldDefense TrueGrit.png True Grit
  • ShieldDefense BattleAgility.png Active Defense
  • ShieldDefense AgainstAllOdds.png Against All Odds
  • ShieldDefense PhalanxFighting.png Phalanx Fighting
  • ShieldDefense GrantCover.png Grant Cover
  • ShieldDefense ShieldCharge.png Shield Charge
  • ShieldDefense OneWithTheShield.png One with the Shield

Secondary Power Set

War Mace:

  • Mace Bash.png Bash
  • Mace Pulverize.png Pulverize
  • Mace Jawbreaker.png Jawbreaker
  • Mace Taunt.png Taunt
  • Mace Clobber.png Clobber
  • Mace WhirlingMace.png Whirling Mace
  • Mace Shatter.png Shatter
  • Mace CrowdControl.png Crowd Control

Power Pools


  • Flight CombatFlight.png Hover
  • Flight TravelFlight.png Fly


  • SuperSpeed Flurry.png Flurry
  • SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Super Speed

Ancillary Power Pool

Energy Mastery:

  • EnergyMastery ConservePower.png Conserve Power
  • EnergyMastery FocusedAccuracy.png Focused Accuracy
  • EnergyMastery PhysicalPerfection.png Physical Perfection

Other Powers


  • Fitness Quick.png Swift
  • Fitness Hurdle.png Hurdle
  • Fitness Health.png Health
  • Fitness Stamina.png Stamina



Accolade Powers:

Alignment Power:

Enhancement Sets

Incarnate Abilities

Alpha Slot:

Judgement Slot:

  • Incarnate Judgement Ion Common.png Ion Judgement (not yet)

Interface Slot:

Lore Slot:

Destiny Slot:


Original Armor
Medival Armor
"Justice" Suit
Civil Clothes
"Valkyrie" Armor
Alpha Suit
New Medival Armor
Golden Avenger Suit




Align Status Hero.png -> Align Status Vigilante.png -> Align Status Hero.png

Hero Alignment Badges

Badge HeroAlignmentMission.png Ear To The Street

Badge HeroAlignment.png Resolute

Badge HeroAlignmentPower.png Heard the Call

Vigilante Alignment Badges

Badge VigilanteAlignmentMission.png Streetwise

Badge VigilanteAlignment.png Above the Law

Badge VigilanteAlignmentPower.png Fearsome

Day Jobs

Badge DayJob Architect.png Mission Architect

Badge DayJob CityOfficial.png City Official

Badge DayJob Midnighter.png Midnighter

Badge DayJob MonitorDuty.png Monitor Duty

Badge DayJob OnPatrol.png Patroller

Badge DayJob Commuter.png Commuter

Badge DayJob DimensionalExplorer.png Dimensional Explorer

Badge DayJob Intern.png Portal Corporation Intern

Badge DayJob Cimeroran.png Cimeroran

Badge DayJob Mender.png Chronologist

Badge DayJob VanguardRecruit.png Vanguard Recruit

Badge DayJob Clubber.png Clubber

Badge dayjob survivalist.png Survivalist

Badge DayJob LawEnforcement.png Law Enforcer

Badge DayJob Banker.png Banker

Badge DayJob Duelist.png Duelist

Badge DayJob Griefer.png Predator

Badge DayJob Scholar.png Professor

Day Job Accolades

Badge DayJobAcc RapidResponse.png Rapid Response Member

Badge DayJobAcc Traveler.png Traveler

Badge DayJobAcc TimeTraveler.png Time Lord

Badge DayJobAcc Soldier.png Mercenary

Badge DayJobAcc MasterArchitect.png Master Architect

Badge DayJobAcc Warden.png Police Chief

Badge DayJobAcc SecurityChief.png Security Chief

Badge DayJobAcc Gladiator.png Gladiator

Badge DayJobAcc Scientist.png Scientist