Mindsarge (Triumph)

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Player: @Epelesker
Server: Triumph
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Branton Danfreys
Known Aliases: BD, Sarge, Toy Soldier
Age: 20?
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: red-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, freelance hero and soldier
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father (whereabouts unknown)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Extremely knowledgable about modern military facts
Helmet that enables psychic bursts of energetic power

Current Information and In-Game Contact

Mindsarge is an active character in City of Heroes created March 2010, and is located in the Triumph server. He may be contacted by the global handle @Epelesker.

This character is intended for roleplaying scenarios, but this does not occur all the time.


Branton Danfreys grew up without knowing much of his parents: his father Karl was in the army, while his mother had died of illness as he was very young, so he had lived with grandparents and uncles for the majority of his life. He became absorbed in the activities of his father, and wanted to know everything about the military. He spent countless hours as a child and teen studying the subject until one pivotal moment in his life, when Karl went missing in the field. It was a supposed firefight in Iraq, and Branton was told that his father was simply missing in action. The truth was hardly that simple: left for dead in the wastelands, he was picked up by Arachnos and was made to serve them.

Devastated about the uncertianties of the situation, Branton hardly cared about his lifelong passion and developed a dislike of weapons: guns especially. He became a normal teenager who did normal teenager things, even getting his first girlfriend at 16 years of age (it didn't last that long). But, after four years of knowing nothing about his only immediate family, a package arrived with the unmistakable signature of his father.

It was a box that held what seemed like a normal helmet and visor, with a couple of dials. It wasn't long before he found out what the helmet was: it was a conversion conduit that changed mental thought patterns into energy, and that energy blasted a hole through the roof of his aunt's house. Driven with a new purpose to track down his father, he charged back into his studies of the army and crafted out a new persona for himself. Originally calling himself the Toy Soldier, he set out to Paragon City hoping to find information, but changed the name to Mindsarge soon after arriving to reflect his new confidences.

He still hates guns, but he promises himself to keep going: to soldier on no matter what the difficulties.