Mission Architect Tutorial Story Arc

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Arc Name: QUICK-START TUTORIAL - Knowledge Is Power: Architect Entertainment & YOU!

Arc MA#: 28470

Arc Owner: @Paula

Arc Contact: User:Paula

New to Architect Entertainment/Mission Architect? Want to learn more? Think you already know it all? Take 15+ minutes through this fun, playable tutorial that tries to minimize the amount of reading required to get the most out of Mission Architect.


- Playing this arc through will get you credit towards all of the player badges.

- An Advanced Tutorial is being planned to coincide with the release of planned updates to Mission Architect.

- This little-known story arc was created by the author of the old Knowledge Is Power tips in the early City of Heroes comic.

- S.E.R.V.E. is the division the in-character "author" of the tips worked for, and IC sponsored the Tutorial.


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