Mr. Ninja Werewolf (Liberty)

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Mr. Ninja Werewolf

Mr. Ninja Werewolf is a level 25 Mutation Stalker on the Liberty server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Claws and his secondary powerset is Ninjitsu. He has pool powers from the Speed and Leaping sets.

Mr. Ninja Werewolf was created on October 14, 2005 as a Claws/Super Reflexes named Mr. Werewolf during beta testing. He was remade on live on March 7, 2007 as a Claws/Ninjitsu named Mr. Ninja Werewolf.

Mr. Ninja Werewolf is a member of the Mang Stalkers supergroup.


"What are you supposed to be? Some sort of ninja werewolf?"

"That's Mr. Ninja Werewolf to you."


Claws: Strike (1), Slash (2), Assassin's Claw (6), Build Up (8), Placate (12), Focus (18)

Ninjitsu: Hide (1), Ninja Reflexes (4), Danger Sense (10), Kuji-In Rin (16), Kuji-In Sha (20), Caltrops (24)

Speed: Super Speed (14)

Leaping: Super Jump (22)

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