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Player: @Dark Energon
Server: Guardian
Main Information
Codename: Nephila
Archetype: y Arachnos Soldier
Security Level: 50
Badge Count: 1353[1][2]
Morality: y Vigilante
Former Arachnos rank: Operative
Date of Enlistment: May 23rd 2010
Main Powers: Crab Spider Soldier
Secondary Powers: Crab Spider Training
Training and Gadgets
Power Pools: Leaping
Incarnate Abilities: Alpha
Judgement, Lore
Interface, Destiny
Build #, Estimate Worth build
(Type of build)
Main Build: 26+ Bill Infl
2nd Build: Work in Progress
(Solo with Pets)
3rd Build: Work in Progress
(Solo without Pets)
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Size: Giant
Gender: Male
Height: 8'1" (w/o Crab Pack)
Weight: 355lbs (w/o Armor)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Race: Human: Caucasian
Nationality: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Super Group: The Freedom Legion
Date of Enlistment: September 26th 2010
Rank: Councilor
Other Affiliations: Vanguard
Midnight Squad
Freedom Phalanx
Hero Corps
Battle Cry:
"I'mma Beat the Crab outta ya!!!"
Miscellaneous Info:
Badge task force set 01.png Badge DayJob Griefer.pngV badge PvpBadge.pngBadge defeatrecluse.png Badge defeatstatesman.png Badge event rikti invasion.png P BuildVeryRareIA.png Badge midnightsquadmember.png Badge ouroboros enabled.png
Badge DVD.pngBadge Pocket D VIP.png Badge event headstart.png Badge Loyalty2010.png Badge superpatriot set 01.png Badge Accolade Hero GoingRogueBadge.png
Mission DA Zone Complete.png V badge RularuuBadge.png V badge BlackScorpionBadge.png WeeklyTFHelper03.pngBadge defeat seedofhamidon.png
Badge rikti war set 01.png Badge vanguard 001.png Badge vanguard 002.png Badge vanguard 003.png Badge phalanx set 01.png


The unknown soldier, who became the most known and one of the most respected soldiers in Lord Recluse's army.

Nephila, Captain Mako's right hand.

Setting himself up for greatness on the day he entered boot camp, Nephila quickly climbed the ranks within Captain Mako's Crab Spider division. Within months he had been promoted to the Elite Webmaster Rank, completed hundreds of successful missions, and an aura of near invincibility.

He became well known for his 'Do or Die' mentality, and was even respected by Lord Recluse himself, so much that Lord Recluse dedicated the technicians who worked on Black Scorpion's armored power suit to help Nephila, and instructed Ghost Widow to subject Nephila to a Mindlink so deep that it deleted most of his memory.

After receiving his improved Crab Spider pack, Lord Recluse wanted to push Nephila to his limits,[3] to see if he was perhaps worthy of one day being in the same presence as Captain Mako, Black Scorpion, Ghost Widow and Scirroco.

Captain Mako felt threatened, he thought that Lord Recluse wanted Nephila to take over the command of the Crab Spider soldier division. However, he did not foresee the bigger picture Lord Recluse had for Nephila and for Captain Mako himself.

When Captain Mako learned that Nephila had a very dangerous mission that was simply listed as 'Black,' he tried to sabotage Nephila, hoping that he could eliminate the competition. Captain Mako enlisted some of his most feared Arachnos Soldiers he had at his disposal and sent them to do the deed.

Not fully aware of their mission, they quickly learned their goal when they ambushed Nephila. Torn by their loyalty to the leader who led them in countless missions, they chose to abandon their mission. To reward them for their actions and loyalty and knowing the punishment for disobeying direct orders, he ensured their safe getaway from Rogue Isles.

Nephila completed his mission, and after his debriefing with Lord Recluse, he confronted Captain Mako, informing him of what he learned about the ambush that was sent after him. He wanted to know why Captain Mako betrayed his most loyal lieutenant. Captain Mako tried to salvage his grace by claiming that it wasn't him who send those soldier to kill Nephila and that he didn't know who did. This tactic did not fall well with Nephila, and thus he began his attack on Mako.

Lord Recluse was proud of Nephila's performance on his solo mission. Wanting to know if Nephila was interested in a new mission, Lord Recluse unexpectedly found Nephila locked in battle with Captain Mako. Lord Recluse broke the two apart, and demanded answers to what was happening. Captain Mako fabricated the lie that Nephila felt he was more deserving of commanding the Crab Spider army, and the only way to get that was to kill Captain Mako. Nephila told the truth about what happend during his mission. Lord Recluse, not having been debriefed about this part of Nephila's mission, was forced to believe Captain Mako's story. He reluctantly called for the only punishment handed out to traitors, the death penalty.

Word spread about Nephila's treachery through the Rogue Isles like wildfire. His loyal Arachnos Soldiers sent out messages to their former squadron leaders about the truth and returned the favor of saving their lives by helping Nephila escape to Paragon City. There, Nephila knew what he had to do: Contact an old foe by the name of Dark Energon, the leader of the Freedom Legion.

Dark Energon agreed to talk to Nephila, and the meeting lasted for hours. The Legion's Council was called in, and again a lengthy meeting followed. The result of this meeting, Nephila was inducted into the Freedom Legion as a Prospect.

Current status

Today, Nephila is setting a positive example for the rest of the Legion, other heroes and the citizens of Paragon City.

Nephila has proven himself quickly and has even risen to the rank of Councilor. He is one of Dark Energon's most trusted men, earned the respect to train new recruits and lead teams into battle. He has even found ways for some of his former Arachnos Soldiers to join the The Freedom Legion. Nephila is also the main informant when it comes to all matters of Arachnos. His powers have increased since he joined the Legion, and he is considered one of the strongest members of the Freedom Legion. Nephila's team skills have proven valuable to numerous teams, teams from inside the Legion and outside the Legion.

KinetX, the Legion's lead scientist made Nephila a special helmet, one that blocks Ghost Widow's Mindlink powers. Now that Lord Recluse understands that Nephila will not rejoin his Arachnos army, he's become one of the most prestigious targets for Lord Recluse's loyalists. Still respected by those he led in battle, Nephila can walk freely in most parts of the Rogue Isles.

However, they all know that when Nephila is on a mission, to either get out of his way, or face the consequences.

Talking to the media about the Praetorian thread.
Nephila compared to Marauder.


Since Nephila had work done by Black Scorpion's technicians, he was already more powerful than most other Arachnos Soldiers. Combine that with the Legion's lead scientist KinetX, his Incarnate powers and his 26 Billion Inf build, Nephila becomes a perfect team player. A true master tactician, who is well known in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and even in Praetoria as someone who can handle anything he encounters.

Arachnos Soldier Primary Power Set

Power Pools

Incarnate Abilities


VEAT Uniform

VEAT Uniform
This is the uniform he is most known for to wear. It has been upgraded with the latest technology, custom improvements and the color scheme to match the codename he was given upon his completion of the Arachnos Boot-Camp.
Nephila is Latin for Golden Orb Weaver[4] and one of the biggest land spider known to man. His sheer size was one of the reasons for his nickname, combined with the Spider Serum that was injected to make him even bigger and stronger, the nickname was adopted as his codename, hence the black with gold accents of his uniform.
From time to time smaller changes were made to his uniform, like the removal of his large blades on his gloves, replacement of his golden belt to a black belt with golden trim[5][6] to completely removing his belt.[7] However the main look has stayed with him since the day he shed the Wolf Spider Uniform and donned the signature Crab Spider Uniform that was custom made for him.[8]


Lord Recluse doesn't tolerate failure. Knowing Nephila's escape means he could be seen as weak in front of his subjects, Lord Recluse had his inner circle eliminate the guards who were on duty when Nephila escaped custody, while fabricating a story to cover this up. Rumor has it that Nephila tried to escape by killing the guards, and was killed by Black Scorpion while checking on the prisoner. When this reached Nephila in Paragon City he asked KinetX for help to make a drone. Rumors were spread that his brain was salvaged and placed in the cyborg. Most people in the Rogue Isles know the truth, and know that this is just a stab back at Lord Recluse.


While Nephila was still in the Arachnos Boot Camp, he was subjected to several experimental serums. One of these serums was the X-Y formula, a shape shifting formula. At will Nephila can transform, change his height, and even change sex. This is the outfit he wears while being a female. Notice the 8 eyes?[9]
This is Nephila's favorite idea simply because: "Female Golden Orb Weavers are bigger than the male, and since spiders have 8 eyes, i thought it would be a fitting tribute."

Vanguard Uniform

Vanguard Uniform
While Nephila was still in the Arachnos Boot Camp, he was subjected to several experimental serums. One of these serums was the X-Y formula, a shape shifting formula. At will Nephila can transform, change his height, and even change sex.
While working in Vanguard's name he likes to be 'undercover', so he changes to a small body. "To make the enemy underestimate me."

SG Uniform

SG Uniform
When on official SG duty, he likes to wear a suit specially made for him. KinetX created suits that enhance the wearers kinetic movement.
Dark Energon made this the unofficial SG Uniform, however members can pick their own boots, gloves, shoulders and head gear to still have a personal touch to it.

Notable Information

  • Host of W.A.V.E., a weekly VEATs only event on Guardian server.[10]
  • Regular participant at FNFN, a weekly friendly PvP/Arena event on Guardian server.[11]



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