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Friday, August 31st, 2012

The Coming Storm!

The Coming Storm may just be arriving sooner than any could have expected!

Mender Silos and the rest of the Menders have long sought to delay, destroy or otherwise disrupt the Coming Storm, and failing that, to defend the Earth from it's menace. It has come to our attention that the Storm has made an unexpected advancement! How this change escaped our notice until now is a mystery, even to Silos himself. What matters, is that the multiverse as we know it may soon be destroyed completely, and with the Coming Storm having advanced as it has, there is but one thing we can do to stop it! If that initiative fails... well... I don't like to contemplate the alternative.

Now more than ever, as historian to the Menders of Ouroboros, it is imperative that you assist in my efforts to log your activities. Should the storm come, I have made preparations to maintain this log outside of time itself, so that someone may yet learn from our struggles.

It has been my privilege to catalog the happenings of this universe (and others) we call home. Let us hope that this is not the end, and that I, Mender Quist, can still catalog events after the projected date of destruction: November 30th, 2012.