Obsidius (Triumph)

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Obsidius PR.jpg
Obsidius in his Paragon Regulator uniform
Player: @Obsidius
Server: Triumph
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Obsidius
Known Aliases: Obs, Sid
Age: Approx. 886 years
Height: 8' 0"
Weight: Varies (between 300 lbs and 2000 lbs)
Eye Color: Smoldering red
Hair Color: None
Heterosexual, if you're into gargoyles
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (present day)
Occupation: Honorary Teaching Fellow, Paragon University
Place of Birth: Carpathian Mountains, present day northern Romania
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Stone Armor, Battle Axe, Flight, Fitness, Speed
Known Abilities
Can alter appearance through magic
Axe Axe of Marianna
No additional information available.

Obsidius is a level 50 Stone Armor/Battle Axe Tank on the Triumph Server, played by @Obsidius. He is a co-founder of the Paragon Regulators and the current Commissioner of the group.


Obsidius is a gargoyle, a type of golem or magical construct created as a sentry or guardian to a fortress or keep. In his earlier years, Obsidius was indeed the guardian of fortresses for his masters and their allies. In modern times, Obsidius has dedicated himself to protecting a much bigger domain - Paragon City.

In-Game Description

Obsidius is a gargoyle from an alternate Earth that was secretly controlled by dark vampiric powers. After being freed from his vampire creators, he joined a group of metehumans trying to free his world from the shadow hands. In an attempt to loosen their dark grasp, they tried creating free power for the world by tapping into the universal fabric. Unfortunately, the experiment backfired, folding space in reverse and sending Obsidius through the anomoly. The Dimensional entities brought him to Paragon City, but he was greatly weakened from his trip through the dimensions. After a time, he regained his former might (and then some), fighting evil in Paragon City the same way he did in his world - through stony strength and rock-hard determination.

Pre Paragon City History

((Obsidius was originally created in 2000 a pen & paper character from the World of Darkness game Vampire: The Dark Ages and Vampire: The Masquerade. A truncated, simplified history of his exploits follows.))

The Dark Ages

Obsidius was created in 1123 by a clan of vampires who practiced blood sorcery and alchemy. Obsidius and other gargoyles were charged with protecting their territory in Eastern Europe and destroying their enemies. During this time, Obsidius was more feral than humanistic, obediently slaughtering anyone whom his masters wished.

It was not until Obsidius was loaned to a coterie of vampires led by elder named Gabriel that he started seeing how other vampires and humans lived. During his duties for Gabriel, guarding fortresses and passes, Obsidius started to develop a mind of his own, and a kinship with Gabriel. Eventually, Gabriel was able to convince Obsidius' masters to turn ownership of Obsidius over to Gabriel who, having no other need of a slave, set him free, perhaps out of what compassion Gabriel had left from his mortal years.

During his time with Gabriel, Obsidius had often reflected upon his past actions, which often involved kidnapping and slaughtering innocent people for his master. Now that he was free, he decided to atone for his actions. However, he still felt he owed a strong debt to Gabriel for his freedom. For the next century, Obsidius aided allies in repaying boons and avenging evil done upon them and others.

The Renaissance

During the Renaissance, the vampire race split into two factions - those that hid from humans in fear of Inquisition, and those that sought to rule humans. Although Obsidius and Gabriel did not side with the "masquerade", they chose to fight those vampires who treated humans as little more than livestock or pawns, and remained independent.

After weathering the Protestant uprisings in Germany, and protecting innocent people as best he could during the often vampire-staged revolts, Obsidius migrated to England were Gabriel was situated. Feeling his age weighing upon him, he slept from 1650 until 1833 to regain his strength and will.

The Industrial Revolution

Over the centuries, Gabriel allowed Obsidius to repay his “debt” and serve Gabriel in his own fashion. Having mastered a power allowing him to disguise his true visage, he managed several quarries and mines for Gabriel, aided by his preternatural understanding of geology. This ensured safe, profitable mining for his workers, a stark contrast to other operations during that era (especially other vampire-puppeted operations).

The 20th Century

Obsidius laid low during the vampire-influenced Great War, but eventually moved himself and his mining interests to America during World War II, after which he was able to profit and help people during the significant post-war reconstruction in Europe.

In 1999, Gabriel had finally achieved a masterpiece – the scientific research arm of his corporation had created a machine capable of drawing power from the universal fabric, creating an unlimited amount of energy. This device had the power not only to solve the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, but also to lessen the grip of other supernatural factions that used the energy crisis as leverage. Because of this, Gabriel’s device was attacked during its inaugural test, causing the singularity it created to spiral out of control, pulling half the lab – and Obsidius with it – into itself before the failsafe self-destruct could be activated.


Obsidius was set adrift between dimensions, floating in the ether. Eventually, the Dimensional Entities noticed Obsidius in this unnatural state.

The Dimensional Entities sought fit to deposit Obsidius in a new dimension, one that had been recently devastated by beings from another dimension – the Rikti. When Obsidius awoke four years later, many things were different, including him. He was even stonier than his previous incarnation; the sun did not burn him in this new place. But to make matters worse, he had lost most of his powers, and was buried underneath the rubble of Baumton in the aftermath of the Rikti War.

Obsidius in Paragon City

Initial Discovery & Training

Obsidius was discovered by Michael White, the Back Alley Brawler, during initial efforts to look for survivors in the aftermath of the Baumton disaster. Thereafter, the Brawler took Obsidius back to Galaxy City to be observed by MAGI.

Once Obsidius had become accustomed to his physical changes and new location, he began studying the history of Paragon City and “Earth Prime” under the tutelage of Gregor Richardson and MAGI. Primal Earth had a similar history to his former world, save for the presence of super-powered beings and lack of true vampires and werewolves, or at least any great number of them, from what the mystical adepts at MAGI knew.

Obsidius also learned about the Citizen Crime Fighting Act and legal vigilantism, and understood his role in this new world. After Michael White helped rehabilitate Obsidius’ battle skills, Obsidius studied for and passed his hero license test, and became an officially licensed hero on June 1st, 2004.

Early Years and the Founding of the Paragon Regulators

In his early career, one of Obsidius’ investigations pitted him against Dr. Vahzilok and his minions and cybernetic monstrosities. Eventually, Obsidius tracked the mad doctor into the sewers, where he nearly accidentally attacked another mystical hero on the doctor’s trial, a shadowy defender by the name of Dark Blue. Together, they tracked the doctor to his lair, took him down, and brought him to justice.

Obsidius and Dark Blue, along the Dark Blue’s colleague Shroud Knight, eventually formed a kinship and soon applied for a supergroup license. In July of 2004, they officially started their supergroup, the Paragon Regulators. Their group was named in homage to the Back Alley Brawler's own former supergroup, the Regulators.

Present Day

After years of protecting Paragon City from various villain threats, Obsidius has become an exemplary Hero of the City .Although the Paragon Regulators have decreased activity recently, Obsidius is active. When not on duty, he is often found residing in the Paragin Regulator's base, researching occult at the Midnighter Club, or acting as an assistant professor at Paragon University.

Powers & Weapons

Stone Armor

As a gargoyle, Obsidius' natural defenses use his preternatural hardness to protect him from all sort of physical and mental attacks. MAGI has classified these defenses as Class 9 Stone Armor defenses.

Battle Axe

Although Obsidius possesses talons and other natural weapons, he is trained foremost in the use of melee weapons, particularly the Battle Axe. Obsidius is classified by MAGI as a Class 9 combatant with the Battle Axe and similar weapons.

Axe of Marianna

Although Obsidius has several different axes, his axe of choice is his soul-bound Axe of Marianna. Often mistaken for a Rularuu Axe, this axe houses the soul of one of Obsidius' former foes, Marianna. Marianna was an evil vampire who used the ruse of a Catholic nun to lure innocent people into bloody demises and "cleanse their sins from the world." Obsidius eventually captured her as a wraith, and imprisoned her in an enchanted axe. Obsidius forces her to "atone" for her horrible acts by using the axe to protect the innocent and defeat the sort of evil beings with which she used to cavort.

Pyre Mastery

Using high-level arcane techniques, Obsisius can draw from his stone form to employ elemental fire from within his body in offensive techniques. MAGI has classified this technique as Anciliary Pyre Mastery.


As a gargoyle, Obsidius can fly. Although some heroes see flying as counter-intuative for Stone Armor defenses, flight does have its advantages. Namely, Obsidius often likes to employ Granite Armor mid-flight, to "drop in" on his enemies.


For a being of his size, Obsidius is incredibly fit. His improved running speed allow him to traverse on ground at an incredible rate, even when rooted to the ground. His sizable frame allows him to take more punishment in combat than other heroes. In addition, he has reserves of endurance that allow him to sustain an impressive offensive rate, even when using several armor powers.


For a short duration, Obsidius can employ use of preternatural celerity into his attacks, allowing him to attack faster, even while using such powers as Granite Armor.

Other Weapons

Through his exploits and work with the Midnight Squad, Obsidius has acquired a Blackwand and a Nemesis Staff, which he employs on occasion.


  • Although he is a gargoyle, many heroes, citizens, and news organizations mistakenly refer to Obsidius as a demon. This irks him to no end.
  • Some superheroes often mistake Obsidius for a troll, which he understands due to his infrequent cantankerous attitude.
  • To pass time, Obsidius often enjoys crouching on the tops of buildings and watching the city. The higher the building, the better. Old habits die hard, after all.
  • Obsidius finds Council/5th Column vampyri and werewolves laughable compared to the true vampires and werewolves from his native Earth. The only Vampyri that has come close to matching the lattter's power is Nosferatu.