Ora Kalhu'u (Guardian)

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Ora Kalhu'u
Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Serrellian Empirium

Personal Data
Real Name:

Ora Kalhu'u

Known Aliases:





7' 11"


312 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Kazlha'a, Capital of Grulan Empire

  • Grula'ak
  • Serrellian Liaison
  • Gladiator (Former)

None (Last of Race)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Luminous Blast
  • Luminous Aura
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
  • Leadership
[ Source ]
The last Grula'ak, as a trading card.


The Gratet had begun many months ago, for it was the season to elect a new Grula'ak. It was the eve of the final event in the Grula's proudest of cultural traditions. Tomorrow was the day that the Mragoeth would end the nearly yearlong Gratet and allow a single Grula surviving the challenges to be crowned leader of their planet. Ora Kalhu'u was a front runner in this competition, much like his father before him.

At this same time, a ship burning Kheldians for fuel was moving along toward the system in which the Grulan Empire was born. This ship, carried a large number of Kheldian energy beings as slaves meant as nothing more than fuel. One such Kheldian, whose name as closely translated as possible into English, was Light-Bridge, and he was staging a revolt! He thought that even if all the Kheldians aboard the vessel died, at the least they would die fighting oppression at the hands of their captors instead of in a tyrant's engine.

Light-Bridge spread the word, and a struggle ensued on-board the immense vessel. Many Kheldians died, but Light-Bridge did not perish. Unfortunately, the control mechanisms for the ship were damaged beyond repair and the ship was steering toward a collision course with a nearby star. With the amount of explosives and other materials on board, he knew that any planets in the vicinity would be decimated when the sun inevitably went super nova.


Ora had bested his fellow competitors in the Mragoeth, one arm shy but still a victor. And the coronation ceremony was underway... when a sound like a giant playing marbles with planets exploded through the Grula's homeworld. It was the sound of Light-Bridge's former captor's ship exploding when it entered the sun. Ora, and many other Grula who looked up were momentarily blinded, and those who were not fell to their knees in amazement. Within moments, Light-Bridge appeared to Ora and told him that if they did not merge, both of them and all life in his solar system would end when the sun exploded... they only had a few moments to act.

Ora, awed by the appearance of what he took to be a Sun Deity agreed at once!

It was not until the newly formed Peacebringer was travelling through space toward Earth that Ora Kalhu'u began to understand the ramifications of his decision.

Serrellian Empirium

Forum Thread: Serrellian Empirium

Long after Ora had grown profficient with his abilities as a Peacebringer and had grown used to his role in Paragon City as a hero, he met another king of a somewhat alien world.

King Halys was the lord of the Serrellian people. A race of fish-like beings who dwelt below the waves on Earth. Halys wanted Ora to assist his people in getting used to the "dry-siders" and teach them how to interact in the world above the waves. Ora, who himself had been helped by many in getting accustomed to this alien world, instantly understood how important such a role would be. He accepted and began to work with Araxes and his brother, the acting king, Enipeus.

He found that his reptillian form made the fishfolk feel more at ease with their odd surroundings. And so Ora Kalhu'u, Emperor to a dead race, was now helping a new alien race toward living peacefully in their new homes.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

Ora was created the very next day after my first hero hit 50. And, then, was named Last Grula'ak, which was meant to be more like a title or designation then a name. But, for whatever reason, he stagnated for me and sat at something like 31 for a long time. I am not sure what broke me out of my funk with him, but I presume it had to do with discovering some binds that helped his playability and one change or another to the AT. But, I dusted him off and played him almost everyday for a while to get him to 50. When that finally happened... I, totally unexpectedly, stopped playing him. I think it was the fact that his "goal" had been attained that caused it...

Finally, when the free server transfers were offered I used them to give him a name and move him to his current home on Guardian.


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