Original Name (Training Room)

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Original Name

Original Name is a level 1 Natural Scrapper on the Training Room server, played by @Original Name. His primary powerset is Claws and his secondary powerset is Invulnerability.

Original Name was created on March 22, 2005.

Original Name is a member of the Guardians of Outbreak supergroup.


Original Name must have done something really bad, because he's been exiled to Outbreak for the rest of his life!


Claws: Strike (1)

Invulnerability: Resist Physical Damage (1)

Temporary Powers: Throwing Knives, Holiday Spirit, Holiday Cheer, Ouroboros Portal

Day Job Powers: Expert Caregiver/Pain Specialist

Inherent: Brawl, Jump Pack, Pocket D VIP Pass, Base Transporter, Nemesis Staff, Sands of Mu, Blackwand, Mekman Pet, Power Drone Pet, Assemble the Team, Self Destruction, Mystic Fortune, Walk, Sprint, Critical Hit


Architect Entertainment: Ticket Taker, Author, Recognized, Early Bird, Customizer

Day Jobs: Caregiver, Patroller

Ouroboros: Entrusted with the Secret

Events: Heart of Light, Reveler, Pursuer, Cold Front, Merrymaker, Gifted, Entertainer, Frostbitten, Jubilant, Celebrant

Defeats: Isolator

Veteran: Trustworthy, Faithful, Dependable, Loyal, Zealous, Staunch, Steadfast, Devoted, Dedicated, Committed, Unswerving, Addicted, Ardent, Fervent, Eternal, Battle Hardened, Tried and True, Allegiant, Abiding, City Traveler, Honorable

Gladiator: Kaolin Legacy of Earth, 5th Columnist

Accolades: Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member, Vigilant

Achievement: Tourist, Collector