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The following users are Administrators on Ouroboros Portal:

If you are having trouble that needs administrative attention, please contact any of these users or post a message on the Fan Content Wiki forum.

What is an Administrator?

Apologies, fellow Entrusted One. It appears our records are unfinished in regards to this entity. As such, please feel free to assist our Menders in adding your knowledge to this repository. Thank you for your understanding...
  • Group of senior Ouroboros Portal users who have been chosen to over see policy and regulate disputes.
  • Admins fall into two groups normally, Bureaucrats and Sysops. For the most part, Ouroboros Portal does not differentiate between these two ranks.


  • Settle disputes
  • Wiki maintenance
  • Assist in formation of policy
  • Maintain community relations


  • Lock pages
  • Remove pages
  • Ban users either temporarily or permanently
  • Wear silly hats