Palaemon (Protector)

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CoH Game Icon.png Palaemon (Trent Harmon)
Level 44 • Originicon science.pngArchetypeicon defender.png
Kinetics / Psychic Blast
Electricity Mastery
Fitness • Concealment  
CoH Game Icon.png


In a classic routine-experiment-gone-wrong scenario, Marianas Technologies, Ltd. lost its most dedicated intern. Trent Harmon arrived at work tired and irritable, but making an effort to be civil to his fellow researchers and technicians. With hardly a word exchanged, he donned the SCUBA suit and proceeded to the high-pressure testing tank.

Not five minutes later he knew something was very wrong.

The chatter in his ear comm revolved around the nanites that repaired and maintained the SCUBA suit; these had malfunctioned and, unable to distinguish between the suit and Trent's body, were diligently destroying any biomatter they came upon and replacing it with synthetic substance.

Trent's death took over an hour.

When the nanites were through, floating in the tank was a sentient inorganic being infused with what little remained of Trent's consciousness. To date, neither he nor MTL know his full capabilities, but continued research and programming have greatly expanded the originally documented specs.