Particle-Boy (Liberty)

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CoV Game Icon.png Particle-Boy (Samuel Peck)
Level 34 • Originicon technology.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.png
Robotics / Trick Arrow
Flight • Fitness • Medicine 
CoV Game Icon.png

Samuel Peck, age 18.

Always a small child, Sam never forgave the other grade schoolers for making fun of his cubby name ("S. Peck").

Silently suffering endless taunts and abuse, he found respite in a solo sport or two, when he wasn't hiding out in Mr. Giers' workshop. When one day he found the old fellow dead over his equipment, a minibot standing over his body, Sam knew what his revenge would be: he and his army of robots, based on the minibot design, would show the world what chaos a simple S. Peck was capable of.