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Patticus is a level 50 Natural Controller on the Infinity server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Illusion Control and his secondary powerset is Trick Arrow. His ancillary powerset is Psionic Mastery. He has pool powers from the Leaping, Concealment, and Speed sets.

Patticus was created on December 13, 2005. He hit level 50 on July 30, 2009.

Patticus is a member of the Everyday Heroes supergroup.


Hell yeah!

Patticus is a master of misdirection. He previously has worked as a stage magician, but admits to friends that he has no actual magic gift: He simply is very good at making people think what he wants them to. His nimbleness and dexterity also come in handy with archery, which he is an avid enthusiast of.


Illusion Control: Blind (1), Spectral Wounds (2), Flash (6), Group Invisibility (14), Deceive (16), Phantom Army (18), Superior Invisibility (24), Spectral Terror (26), Phantasm (32)

Trick Arrow: Entangling Arrow (1), Flash Arrow (4), Glue Arrow (8), Ice Arrow (10), Acid Arrow (20), Poison Gas Arrow (22), Disruption Arrow (28), Oil Slick Arrow (35), EMP Arrow (38)

Psionic Mastery: Indomitable Will (41), Mind Over Body (44), Mental Blast (47)

Leaping: Super Jump (12), Combat Jumping (10)

Concealment: Grant Invisibility (30)

Speed: Hasten (49)

Accolades: The Atlas Medallion, Vanguard Medal

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