Photon Force (Victory)

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The Phenomenal Photon Force
Photon Force
Player: @photonforce
Server: Victory
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Legion of Valor
Personal Data
Real Name: Nick Court
Known Aliases: None
Age: 35
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 Lbs.
Eye Color: unknown
Hair Color: bald
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: retired Air Force STO / Vanguard
Place of Birth: West Coast
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: widower
Known Relatives: deceased
Known Powers
Radiation Emission/Radiation Blast
Known Abilities

Nick Court was one of the best, the elite. An Air Force Special Tactics Officer, Nick was an early recruit into the fanatical international task-force known as the Vanguard, established specifically to protect the world against the Rikti threat. Tragically, Nick was an early POW too, captured while leading an STT search and rescue mission near the downed Rikti starship in the War Zone. Nick was the only survivor of his team and spent over 6 months in a Rikti research facility – suffice to say, the Rikti don’t follow the Geneva Convention...interrogation, torture and body/mind experimentation were the norm. In a fantastic stroke of luck, the lab was sabotaged by a Rikti faction that supported a peace initiative with the human race. Nick was freed and brought back to Paragon City.

Reinstated into the Vanguard, at first all was well, but soon Nick began experiencing troubling sensations – his eyes burned constantly, his wounds would randomly heal at vastly accelerated rates. His Vanguard squad members experienced unexplained effects too – sometimes feeling drained of energy while other times experiencing the same accelerated healing rate as Nick. Vanguard scientists soon isolated the effects to alien metamorphosis in Nick’s body. Like a cancer, the Rikti had infected him with an organic photon cell manipulator of unknown origin. The alien cancer had infected over 90% of his body by the time the Vanguard scientists discovered the cause. Adding insult to injury, Nick’s mental facilities were equally affected - paranoia and schizophrenia overwhelmed his rational thoughts. Believing the his Vanguard battalion were actually Rikti in disguise, Nick stole away from his barracks one night and vanished into the dark underbelly of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

In a constant state of delusion and paranoia, Nick eventually ended up in back alleys and slums of Mercy Island. Soon he was tangled up in small-time crime and drug use. Nick found that Heroin, in small doses, helped control the burning in his eyes and dampened the strange, alien green energy that seeped from his body. Of course, Heroin is a difficult horse to control and in time Nick was an addict, looking only for his next fix. In the depths of madness and addiction, Nick was caught assaulting an elderly woman (he thought a Rikti spy) in King’s Row; he was stopped by none other than the superhero Flare Kid. Amazingly, Flare Kid recognized Nick; Nick’s Vanguard squad had fought side by side with members of the Legion of Valor during a massive Rikti raid in Steel Canyon. Stunned at the total transformation of this once valiant, capable soldier; Flare Kid brought Nick back to the Legion’s Halls of Valor where Legion commanders, The Last Gunslinger and Stained Glass Scarlet engaged the Paragon City's top scientists to cure Nick.

After a year and a half – through a combination of medicine, training and technological focusers, Nick stepped back into the world a man reborn. Now in control the strange alien energy coursing through his body, Nick watches over the good citizens of Paragon City as the Phenomenal Photon Force, super-powered member of the elite Legion of Valor...and a recovering addict. Nick leads a complicated life, striving always to protect humanity and control his considerable demons. He continues to where the tattered remnants of his Vanguard uniform as a constant reminder of his past, the light and the dark.

Original Costume