Pinkbeard the Pirate (Infinity)

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Pinkbeard the Pirate

Pinkbeard the Pirate is a level 27 Natural Mastermind on the Infinity server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Ninjas and his secondary powerset is Pain Domination. He has pool powers from the Leaping and Leadership sets.

Pinkbeard the Pirate was created on July 7, 2006 as a Thugs/Traps on Infinity, but was later deleted. He was remade on May 22, 2007 as a Thugs/Traps on Pinnacle, but was later deleted. He was remade on May 3, 2009 as a Robotics/Pain Domination on Infinity, but was later deleted. He was remade in early May, 2009 as a Ninjas/Pain Domination on Infinity.

Pinkbeard the Pirate is a member of the Phobia supergroup.


Yarr, I've been sailing the eight seas for three months now. And one of my maties said, "Ahoy, Pinkbeard the Pirate! There be a McCarl's King over there! Yarr, we could stop and buy a bike!" But the manager was extremely rude, so that's why I'm here in the Rogue Isles. To find the pony I never loved.

Ahoy, it's been a while since I've talked to anyone. Yessee, me crew mutinied on me and left me on a desert island for a few years. But now I be back, and I've replaced the crew with robots! Ninja robots! Being the pirate's natural enemy, they'd never suspect that! A pirate ship crewed by robot ninjas! Arrr, and I named them after me favorite podiatrists, dermatologists, and chiropractors.


Ninjas: Call Genin (1), Train Ninjas (6), Call Jounin (12), Aimed Shot (14), Smoke Flash (18), Fistful of Arrows (22), Oni (26)

Pain Domination: Nullify Pain (1), Soothe (2), Share Pain (4), Conduit of Pain (10), Enforced Morale (16), Suppress Pain (20)

Leaping: Super Jump (8)

Leadership: Assault (24)

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