Raoul Kasima (Freedom)

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Raoul Kasima 1.jpg
Raoul hunting Clockwork
Raoul Kasima
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Freedom
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Raoul Kasima
Known Aliases: None
Age: Late teens, Gregorian calendar (early 30s, Zikazi calendar)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 183lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kaisa
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Planet Zikazi
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island, United States
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Parents, hates them; brother, hates him; wife, Takomo Yocmer, adores her.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Super-human agility, paticularly in leaping height and distance. This is natural for kaisa people.
Powered armor suit designed to hunt giant reptiloid creatures.
It has been suggested that "Hyper-bitterness" be added to his list of known abilities, but mindsets are not super-powers.

Relevant History

Raoul Kasima grew up on the Planet Zikazi, constantly surrounded by very rich, pretentious elitists who, through no fault of Raoul's, were his family. They never quite understood why Raoul preferred to hang around people he liked, rather than people who would make the Kasima family look better. They looked the other way for a while, since he at least had the decency to wear proper powered armor during reptiloid hunts, but Raoul's parents finally had enough when he started dating that excessively-curvy, utterly middle-class Yocmer girl. They couldn't understand why Raoul was so upset when she went and got herself exiled. So, they never understood why, when Raoul got a message from her six months later, his immediate reaction was to trace the signal's origin, blow his life savings on a barely FTL-capable ship, and go rocketing off into the depths of space.

Raoul's ship was cheaply made, so while it got him to Earth, its landing gear failed, forcing Raoul to make an emergency landing near Striga Isle, and leaving the kaisa civilization 0/3 for successful landings on Earth. Despite the severe damage to the ship, Elaina Rhysenn hopes to learn a few things about faster-than-light travel from what's left of it.

Current Status

Raoul is now a man with everything he ever wanted. He is wed to the woman he loves, he has friends who genuinely like him, and he has a career more useful than living off his ancestors' wealth. His powered armor makes him a valuable member of the Paragon Titans, and he is more than happy to call himself Takomo Yocmer's lifemate.


Under most circumstances, Raoul is a happy guy. Very much at peace with the world, Raoul finds joy in every aspect of his life, whether he's having heart-to-heart conversations with Takomo, trying to understand how Samael Diener thinks, or just identifying the cause of that squeaking sound coming from his armor's elbow joint, Raoul is satisfied with the way things are. The constantly overbearing nature of his family has left him more than a little uncomfortable with confrontation, causing some people to mistake him for someone they can push around.

However, he has another side. Raoul doesn't accept orders or requests from people he doesn't respect, and he tends to lash out when others try to take advantage of his normally-passive nature. This habit strengthens when he's wearing his armor, to the point that FBSA psychologists have suggested that Raoul may be developing multiple-personality disorder. If pushed too far, Raoul can become extremely bitter, and expresses a strong dislike of his own family, and kaisa culture in general.


Raoul's physical capabilities are average for a kaisa. This means that he has slightly above-human reflexes, and the ability to leap several hundred feet forward, gaining around one hundred feet in altitude at the apex of his jump.


Hunting Powered Armor

Among the kaisa, hunting massive, dinosaur-like reptiloids is a common sport, and several means of attacking these creatures have been developed. While most kaisa prefer traditional, bladed weapons, the popular trend among the wealthy and powerful has become powered armor, armed with large-calibur firearms or, on the latest models, energy-projection weapons. Raoul's armor is capable of rapidly firing powerful bolts of energy, and is made of durable, light-weight materials. However, it is not as resilient as it looks, as its focus is on the mobility of the wearer. Elaina Rhysenn is trying to work out how the armor's power source works, but has had only limited success, since she isn't sure she could re-assemble the system if she dismantled it. Raoul seems to be able to adjust the color of the suit's energy blasts, and can charge energy around its hands for close-quarters combat -a modification he made after arriving on Earth.