Rehnac Naturai (Freedom)

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Rehnac Naturai 1.jpg
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Rehnac Naturai
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Freedom
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Rehnac Naturai
Known Aliases: None
Age: 35, Gregorian calendar (estimated)
Height: 6' (estimated)
Weight: 135lbs (estimated)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kaisa
Occupation: Freelance villain
Place of Birth: Planet Zikazi
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Believed single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Able to manipulate powerful electrical fields for self-defense and melee attacks
Known Abilities
Super-human agility, paticularly jumping height and distance. This is normal for kaisa.
None worth mentioning
She thinks she's better than you. She may have never met you in her life, but she still thinks she's better than you.

Relevant History

Some time ago, a race called the kaisa, on the Planet Zikazi, had a problem. One of their own had developed a unique genetic anomaly, which gave her great power, letting her commit a series of crimes over the course of two years by the kaisa's reckoning of time, before being captured. In keeping with usual policy for those who commit high crimes, this evil, mutant kaisa was exiled from the planet, stuffed into a space ship with a basic faster-than-light drive, and launched into the unknown, much to the frustration of the populations of nearby planets. The mutant kaisa went on to discover that her ship was programmed to pick a random, survivable planet and land on it, but had no means of landing short of slamming into the ground and letting the kaisa inside hope for the best, which it did on Earth.

Rehnac Naturai is that kaisa. She is mildly sociopathic and utterly convinced that her ability to control electricity makes her a superior being, not constrained by the petty rules that bind lesser people. Her overbearing ego makes her difficult to tolerate, so she wandered the Rogue Isles alone and without purpose for some time before being recruited by General Phi.

Current Status

Rehnac Naturai is more or less an enforcer of General Phi's will. Sort of. When she feels like it. More often, she's an unpredictable troublemaker who uses and abuses her powers for fun, profit, and to feed her uncontrolled ego. Phi tolerates her boasting, backtalk, and general nonsense because he needs someone more expendable than Mecha Maven, who can actually do things other than kill people and take their stuff. Rehnac has clashed with Takomo Yocmer and Raoul Kasima on multiple occasions.


As mentioned, Rehnac Naturai is very egotistical, and fully believes that she stands above the rank and file of sentients. When she wins a fight, it's because she's clearly superior. Should she be defeated, she assumes that it's because she hasn't fully come to grips with her perfect nature, and must better understand her betterness. Sanity is not Rehnac's strong point.

Rehnac uses her self-assumed superiority as an excuse for all manner of villainous activities. She'll steal anything that looks neat and isn't nailed down, and she'll electrocute anyone who tries to stop her. She also treats misanthropy like a hobby, actively cultivating her own dislike of "lesser" people.


Electricity is Rehnac's plaything. More accurately, she has the ability to supercharge and control her body's bio-electrical charge. She uses maintained electrical discharges as a form of armor, protecting her from attacks. In addition, Rehnac attacks enemies at close range using her electrical power. Though Rehnac takes pride in her abilities, she is somewhat envious of Bitt Player's ability to electrocute over long distances.


As with nearly all kaisa, Rehnac can leap to considerable heights and distances, and has unusually good, but not truly metahuman, reflexes and ability, both of which are augmented by her bioelectrical powers.