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Rostov is a brutal enforcer for Arachnos, loyal to their cause and dedicated to fulfilling his ambitions within the ranks of Lord Recluse's organization.


Doctor Nikolai Rostov is one of Arachnos' most brilliant robotic engineers and cyberneticists. Rostov never envisioned himself so much as a warrior, but far more of a "war god" who could create legions of obedient robotic armies. The doctor also cares little for the injuries of others, and prefers to replace damaged or lost limbs with cybernetic prosthetics. Unconcerned with aesthetics, Rostov's designs include advanced weaponry and miniaturiezed technological devices, allowing him to turn any human being into a walking military-grade weapon.

Longbow raided one of Rostov's laboratories in 2006 with the intent of destroying a prototype army of robotic minions he was creating for Arachnos. The raid was a success, but during the battle a power generator was damaged and erupted into a massive explosion. Rostov should have died in the carnage, but he managed to pull his dying body into a cybernetic containment suit designed to keep its wearer alive until further medical assistance was available. This early prototype of armor saved Rostov's life, and he managed to slip from Longbow's grasp. It was believed that he died in the explosion.

Rostov's recovery is somewhat of a miracle, his body kept alive by its integration with the machinery and life support systems that sustain him. His battle armor has been significantly reinforced with multiple layers of impervium and electrically charged force field generators, making him an extremely dangerous foe to engage with in close quarters combat. Rostov has likely installed a number of other devices within his armor that have yet to be identified, and his abilities are limited only by what his creative imagination and genius will allow.


Electrical Generators

The mechanical gauntlets within Rostov's armor contain powerful electrical generators capable of discharging lethal fields of electricity. Rostov purposefully limited the range of these generators to within a few feet of him, allowing him to get up close and personal with his victims as he electrocutes them to death.

Electrical Charged Armor

Although Rostov's armor is forged from impervium, he relies upon electrical currents generated from within the armor to bolster its efficiency through electromagnetic fields of energy. These fields greatly enhance the armor and allow Rostov to withstand greater degrees of damage than otherwise possible. By bolstering the power of his armor Rostov can also create harmful fields of electricity around him, allowing him to electrocute anyone who gets close enough to him without even trying.

Contact Information

Rostov may be contacted on Freedom by e-mail using his name, Rostov. His global channel that is valid across all servers is @Major Paragon.