Sam McCord (Defiant)

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Archetype: Scrapper.

Primary: Dual Blades

Secondary: Willpower

Server: Defiant

Alignment: Sometimes hero, sometimes villain.

Origin: Technology


I am not sure whether I should thank or curse my parent scientists. Employed by Crey Industries they would inevitably experiment on my brothers and me.

Everyone who knew them awaited the day. We were trusting and loved them too much to think they would ever do such a heinous thing. With access to the sources of the "Hellion Magics" they grew more and more dehumanised and callous. I later learned that they "borrowed" (stole) the Hellion Tattoo Master's skills from one of Frostfire's storage bases in Scotland - I generally opt to wear my costume to obscure them. It diminishes the effects the tattoos have on others psyches. It doesn't always work I find.

The New Guardians [1]

I encourage you to join this active and fun super-group if you ever have the chance.