SpaceBot 8300 (Virtue)

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SpaceBot 8300

SpaceBot 8300 is a level 24 Natural Peacebringer on the Virtue server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Luminous Blast and his secondary powerset is Luminous Aura.

SpaceBot 8300 was created on January 2, 2006 as Kiviuq on Infinity, but was later deleted. He was remade on March 25, 2007 as SpaceBot 8300 on Virtue.

SpaceBot 8300 is a member of the Gravy Train supergroup.


SpaceBot Unit 8300 was deployed to repair a space station when its systems encountered a strange power surge. It turned out to be a lost and confused Kheldian essence. The Kheldian was not pleased, but was able to adjust SpaceBot 8300's programming to fight evil in Paragon City.


Luminous Blast: Glinting Eye (1), Gleaming Blast (2), Radiant Strike (6), Proton Scatter (8), Luminous Detonation (12), Build Up (14), Incandescent Strike (18), Pulsar (24)

Luminous Aura: Incandescence (1), Essence Boost (4), Shining Shield (10), Thermal Shield (16), Quantum Shield (20), Reform Essence (22)

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