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This is the {{CharDyne}} template, Dyne's modified version of Thirty7's {{CharAlt}} template. It adds a few new pieces of data and auto-embeds archetype and origin categories, including a few of my fan canon origins. These are described in the Notes section. This template is otherwise more or less identical to Thirty7's original.

Personal Data
Biographical Data
Powers Data
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Link Color Suggestions

It is suggested that Links used within the Character Box be changed from the default Wiki colors, due to them often being difficult to read. To do this, instead of using the standard double square bracket to enclose the link, use {{Link color|LINK|COLOR|TEXT}} where LINK is the Wiki code for the link (without square brackets), COLOR is the desired color, and TEXT is the way you want it to appear on the page. Suggested colors are as follows:

  • For Villain boxes: Red (Red)
  • For Hero boxes: Skyblue (Skyblue)
  • For Vigilante boxes: Khaki (Khaki)
  • For Rogue boxes: Black (Duh!)
  • For Loyalist boxes: Yellow (Yellow)
  • And for Resistance boxes: Cyan (Cyan)

Blank Template

| type = (Hero/Villain/Vigilante/Rogue/Loyalist/Resistance)
| alignment = 
| server = 
| image = 
| name = 
| player = 
| quote = 
| archetype = 
| origin = 
| level =
| sg = 
| created = 
<!-- Personal Data -->
| realname = 
| aliases = 
| species = 
| dob = 
| age =  
| registered = 
| height = 
| weight = 
| eyes = 
| hair =
| religion = 
| sexuality = 
| marital = 
<!-- Biographical Data -->
| nationality = 
| occupation =
| birthplace = 
| baseofop = 
| relatives = 
| allies = 
| foes = 
<!-- Powers Data -->
| powers = 
| abilities = 
| equipment = 
| theme = 
| footnotes = 


  • alignment is essentially the same thing as type (which is normally not listed in the sidebar). The difference is that this doesn't auto-categorize, can be omitted if you don't want the alignment explicitly mentioned in the sidebar, and you can also use it for recording character types like "Civilian" or "NPC" or whatever. This will probably eventually default to whatever you put in "type"
  • allies is for recording non-relatives that are notable friends or teammates
  • foes can be used for recording your characters Arch-nemesis, primary enemy groups, or general-purpose antagonist
  • quote can be for battlecries or other quotes.
  • theme is meant for listing an OOC theme song. I suppose you could interpret it as a narrative theme or similar.
  • created is meant to be used for the IRL creation date of the character by the player. Omit it if you don't have this information. For in-character information, dob is more appropriate.
  • registered is meant to be used for the in-character hero registration date (if this is relevant and differs from the OOC creation date).
  • If recognized, archetype will auto-embed the appropriate category (e.g. Peacebringers). No category will be embedded if you supply an unrecognized archetype, but the supplied value will still be used in the sidebar.
  • If recognized, origin will auto-embed an appropriate category chosen from the wiki's six existing origin categories (Magic, Mutant, Natural, Science, Technology, and Incarnate). In addition to these origins, this template also recognizes the five origin group names (MAGI, GIFT, etc.) as a shorthand for their affiliated origins, as well as translating the origins and origin groups related to the fan canon of Thaumadyne's World (Sorcery, Glitchcraft, et al). No category will be embedded if you supply an unrecognized origin, but the supplied value will still be used in the sidebar.