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Character Details
Origin Classified.
Archetype Classified.
Primary Classified.
Secondary Classified.
Other Powers Classified.
Level Classified.
Formal Name Classified.
Gender Classified.
Supergroup Classified.


Produces a formatted sidebar for character pages. See the formatted box below for a blank template for use in articles.

NOTE: Technically, all fields are optional.

Basic paramaters

  • name = Registered hero/villain name
  • image = JUST the image name, no formatting
  • origin = Registered origin. Will link to Paragon Wiki.
  • archetype = Registered archetype. Will link to Paragon Wiki.
  • level = Current security or threat level.
  • primary = Registered primary powerset. Will link to Paragon Wiki.
  • secondary = Registered secondary powerset. Will link to Paragon Wiki.
  • other = Other powers (pools, epics, temps, fictional). Can be linked to Paragon Wiki; not forced-linked.
  • formal = Aliases, birth name, etc.
  • gender = Gender.
  • supergroup = Supergroup name.
  • battlecry = The character's battle cry. (This will be hidden if there's no text.)

Advanced paramaters

  • imagesize = The image defaults to 150 pixels across by 300 pixels high. This paramater allows that width to be changed, up to 216 pixels across.
  • CIT2 = City Tracker information page.


Example Girl


Character Details
Origin Originicon magic.png Magic
Archetype Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper
Primary Dark Blast
Secondary Dark Melee
Other Powers Leaping
Security Level 10
Formal Name Olivia Darque
Gender Gendericon female.png Female
Supergroup The Supergroup name
Additional information available at City Info Tracker

Battle Cry
"I'm the example for this template!"
| name = Example Girl
| image = OliviaDarque1.jpg
| imagesize = 100
| origin = Magic
| archetype = Scrapper
| level = 10
| primary = Dark Blast
| secondary = Dark Melee
| other = [[paragonwiki:Leaping|Leaping]]
| formal = Olivia Darque
| gender = Female
| supergroup = The Supergroup name
| battlecry = I'm the example for this template!
| CIT2 = 1