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This template is to be used on MA Story Arcs for a quick overview of the arc details.

Skip down to the cheat sheet for an empty template to use.


Many of this template's parameters are optional.

NOTE: HTML and standard wiki markup can be used in any parameter except for Image.

  • Image (optional): the name of an image file, do not include "File:", and do not include any formatting.
    • Recommended image size is 250 pixels wide. Smaller images will be forcibly scaled up, larger images will be forcibly scaled down.
  • Title (required): title of the arc
  • Auth (required): global name the arc is found under
  • ID (required): arc ID number
  • Type (optional): arc type (RP, Challenge, etc); may use Mission Architect Tags
  • Level (required): level range (or ranges) found in the arc
  • Missions (required): number of missions in the arc
  • MissionType (optional): if you have any special types of mission (e.g. defeat all, rescue, etc.), list them here
    • get as detailed as you like; list mission types of all missions, or only the non-standard ones
  • Custom (optional): custom enemy notification
    • "Yes" is sufficient, but get as detailed as you please
    • Leave off linking to custom AV/Hero/EBs for the appropriate parameters
    • Leave off linking to a custom enemy group for the "Enemies" parameter
  • Enemies (required): link to enemy groups
  • Diff (optional): have you raised the difficulty on any enemies beyond Standard?
    • if not specified, will say "Standard"
  • AV (optional): do you have an AV? link to their page
  • Hero (optional): although there is no way to specify "Hero" in MA, if you would rather your AV be "called" a hero, link to their page
  • EB (optional): do you have an EB? link to their page
  • Ally (optional): do you have an Ally? link to their page
  • Links (optional): link to any external sites that detail your arc
    • if not specified, will say "None"
  • Notes (optional): any special details that don't fit into previous parameters may be placed here.


Example Arc
Author: @Example
Arc ID: ######
Arc Details
Level Range(s): 1-50
No. of Missions: 3
Mission Types: Mission 1:
Defeat All

Mission 2:
Defeat Boss and Guards

Mission 3:
Defeat Boss and Guards (AV), Rescue Ally

Custom Enemies: Yes
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Council
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Lizardmen
Difficulty: Standard
Archvillains: Dr. Aeon
Allies: Magnificent
Standard Boss
External Links
Fake External Link
Footnotes go here!

This example can be seen to the right.

|Title=Example Arc
|MissionType=Mission 1:<br />Defeat All
Mission 2:<br />Defeat Boss and Guards
Mission 3:<br />Defeat Boss and Guards (AV), Rescue Ally
|AV=[[paragonwiki:Dr. Aeon|Dr. Aeon]]
|Ally=[[Magnificent]]<br />Standard Boss<br />[[paragonwiki:Claws|Claws]]/[[paragonwiki:Regeneration|Regen]]
|Links=[http://www.example.com Fake External Link]
|Notes=Footnotes go here!

Cheat Sheet

To the right is a view of an empty MissionBox, showing the results if no parameters are completed.

Arc ID:
Arc Details
Level Range(s):
No. of Missions:
External Links