Tes (Justice)

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Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Primary: Electric Melee
Secondary: Shield
Other Powers: Teleport, Fitness

Tes exists on the Justice server and is currently level 25.


Folded into another reality, twisted into time and space, a universe between universes bore the first species to become truly sentient. This peaceful race of happy people were benevolent and kind. Their only goals in life were those that would help others. For hundreds of ages the happy people lived peacefully in harmony with everything in their universe. Then the strange people arrived. Coming from another universe, a dimension outside of their own, the strange people seemed well, strange to the happy people. Of course knowing no such thing as evil or greed the happy people tried to be helpful. They gave the strange people everything they asked for and tried to help them in any way they could, even to the point of becoming slaves to the strange people and bringing their own species to the brink of extinction.

Then one day one boy stood up to the strange people. He questioned the strange people of their methods and their ways and pointed out the hardships they had brought on his people. The boy was beaten in answer to his questions and the following revolt drove the strange people out of the happy people's lands. But that was just the beginning of the end for the happy people. The war that came next would find them hiding and running for their lives as the strange people brought more and more anguish into their world. Huge armored beasts invaded at the command of the strange people. Beasts that could run, beasts that could fly, beasts that could dig and swim and all of them were deadly. The happy people never had a chance.

As a final effort to save themselves the happy people gathered their most advanced scientists to create their own strange person. They would send this drone into the strange people's dimension at a point in time before their arrival in theirs. They would set this drone to destroy the strange people responsible and to find and destroy the technology that allowed them to come into the happy people's dimension before they would be able to use it.

The strange people came from another universe. So, Tes was made to travel into their dimension and was given the ability to travel through space in the blink of an eye. The strange people were hostile and would not listen to reason. So, Tes was made to infiltrate their society and fight to achieve her goal. She was given an array of electric attacks and a shield to protect herself. The strange people used a combination of strange languages with different inflections, tones, and accents. Their information would be stored in these languages or in codes thereof. So, Tes was made to learn, to adapt, to decipher and to reason. She was made to search. She was made to destroy. She was made to end the suffering of the happy people. She was made for war.

When Tes appeared in the alleyways of the Rogue Isles, no one knew what to think of her. Her dispassionate appearance and limited speech abilities made her a true mystery, one that Kalinda was sure to keep an eye on, despite the fact that Burke began helping the woman. Tes appeared to learn quickly however. Soon she was speaking like a native and was effectively hacking any computer system she could get her hands on while at the same time performing incredibly on the missions she was sent on. Upon the discovery of Portal technology Tes began investigating the subject closely. No one knows for sure why she is interested in the technology. No one has ever had the gall to ask. Tes has been marked as a POSSIBLE THREAT in Arachnos files. She is one to be watched carefully. She is known to bypass mission objectives or purposely fail missions if they disrupt her from her own pursuits. She expresses no emotion whatsoever even under the most extreme pressure. She is a soulless killer. Handle with extreme caution.

Known Aliases


Contact Information

The player behind Tes can be contacted in game and on the forums @Blackavaar.

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