The Cold Shoulder

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The Cold Shoulder Arc ID: 9701 Author: @piemanmoo

Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3Mission 4

The Cold Shoulder
Author: @piemanmoo
Arc ID: 9701
Arc Details
Level Range(s): 30-54
No. of Missions: 4
Mission Types: Mission 1:

Mission 2:
Defeat all Enimies

Mission 3:
Defeat Boss

Mission 4:
Destructable Object, Ally escort

Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Crey

V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Council

Difficulty: 5/10
Elite Bosses: 1
Allies: Madam Freezeezy
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Madam Freezeezy needs your help to stop a Crey plot!


This small piece of metal feels like it had spent all night in a freezer, yet no matter how many hours it sits in the sun it never gets any warmer. Every time you touch it's icy surface, you are filled with memories of an adventure you've come to remember as:

The Cold Shoulder

It all started when the hero Madam Freezeezy asked you to retrieve a blood sample of hers taken from back when she worked at Crey. She had reason to believe it was going to be used for nefarious purposes, and you managed to get hold of it for her. But she soon revealed that Crey could be building a super-weapon and that the Council had been keeping tabs on it's progress. After knocking a few heads at a Council base, one member revealed that Crey's device was based on Madam Freezeezy's powers and could potentially absorb all the heat on the planet.Refusing to let her powers be used for evil, she sent you to foil the device's construction by stealing the blueprints. You managed to not only defeat Crey's hired thug, the villain Malcolm X-Ray, but escaped with the blueprints. Unfortunately, you both learned that Crey already had what they needed to build the device, and the two of you set out to demolish it. With the superweapon destroyed, Madam Freezeezy could finally put her past at Crey behind her.

*Find Madam Freezeezy's blood sample


Hey, you must be $name. Thanks again for coming, I really appreciate the help. Look, I'll get right the point: Back when I worked at Crey and I had my accident, I had some tests done on me. You know, to make sure I wasn't going to, like, die or anything. Anyways, I had some blood drawn along with the tests, standard procedure. Heh, I remember how the needle kept freezing and breaking off, and they had to get this syringe with an Impervium tip and... oh, right.

Anyways, it's recently come to my attention that I need to get that blood sample back.

Mission acceptance

Thanks a bunch. The sample should be at this address here. All you have to do is run in, grab it, and get out. If some people get in your way... heh, I'm confident you'll think of something.

Unnecessary solicitation

My blood sample should be at that address. It's important that you get it back ASAP.

Mission Objective(s) You feel a chill down your spine as you walk through the door.

  • Find Madam Freezeezy's blood sample
Icon clue generic.png
Blood Sample
"This blood sample is labeled "S. Trauss 9-14-08". The vial is cold to the touch, even though you don't remember the canister being refridgerated."

Mission completion "You found it! Thanks a million, this is really helpful to me."

*Defeat all Council


Okay, I think it's only fair that I tell you the real reason behind all of this. I have reason to believe that Crey is trying to build some sort of weapon that uses my powers to run it. My sources tell me that the Council has been monitoring this for a while now. What I need of you now is to go to one of their bases and find out what they know about it.

Mission acceptance

That's what I like to hear. Go on, have some fun.

Unnecessary solicitation

Go on, slap some Council around until they start talking. It shouldn't take too long, I've known them to have glass jaws.

Mission Objective(s) You're determined to get some info out of the Council, one way or the other.

  • Interrogate Council
Icon clue generic.png
Council Info
"After knocking around enough Council soliders, one of them decided to talk:

"Okay okay, listen: The higher-ups told us to monitor all the big Crey activities recently. We found out they're building some sort of superweapon, and that they need Madam Freezeezy's DNA to finish it. We tried to learn more, but they've got some villain guarding the blueprints. Now please, just stop hitting me!"

Mission completion "I knew you'd be able to make them talk. And from the sound of what they said, Crey's operation is even more dangerous than I expected. This means we're going to have to be extra careful."

The Cold Shoulder/Mission 3

The Cold Shoulder/Mission 4