The Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense (Justice Supergroup)

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The Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense is a supergroup on Justice server.

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Protecting the Multiverse

Department History

Soon after the Rikti invasion had reached the oval office, the current commander-in-chief and his surviving staff met to put a plan into action. With a cool head and swift decision-making the meeting quickly reached a consensus that the existing supergroups were not enough. The government’s resources and leadership was thought to be the missing link between a supergroup’s success or its failure.

With the discoveries made by portal corp., the reports of a previous invasion by the Reichsman and his cohorts in Paragon City, and now the invasion by the Rikti it was decided that no existing agency had the capability to handle this or the appropriate jurisdiction. The Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense (DoIDD) was chartered.

After discussions with the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security departments one name kept coming up as an information master in the realms of science, paranormal and otherwise. His knowledge, intelligence network, and skills as a soldier were practically unmatched. His position, identity, and location were classified. In fact most of those who were discussing him had never met him in person, even some of this closest associates did not know who he was.

The decision was made, this man would be asked to be the Director of the Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense. When contacted he accepted the position and through a secure phone conference discussed the charter, duties, and his requirements for the Department to work as was needed to push back the Rikti and return the nation to a place of peace and security.

The Director and the Department answer only to the President himself. Organizationally the director recruited one of his remaining top informants, and a scientist as his first Agents. Knowing that there would be a need to understand the portal technology as well as a need to combat what ever came through them he recruited a scientist, Dr. Quantum, and a superhero Liberty Justice.


Dr. Quantum and Liberty Justice were given the task of setting up the Department’s Headquarters, assisting Paragon City’s existing supergroups to drive back the Rikti, recruit Agents and developing technology to aid in protecting the multiverse.


The ranks of the supergroup are:

  • Director
  • Special Agent
  • Senior Field Agent
  • Field Agent
  • Agent
  • Recruit


The Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense has multiple branches:

  • The Department of Inter-Dimensional Defense
  • DoIDD Special Forces
  • DoIDD Epic Corps
  • DoIDD Alternate Reality Corps
  • DoIDD Special Force's


The SuperGroup Uniform is to be worn as often as possible, anytime you are grouped with fellow SG members especially.



  • Dr. Quantum (Retired/Founder)
  • Liberty Justice (Retired/Founder)
  • Black Mute
  • Douglaston
  • Electronite
  • Chyll