The Sovietski (Victory)

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The Sovietski


Character Details
Origin Originicon mutation.png Mutation
Archetype V archetypeicon brute.png Brute
Primary Super Strength
Secondary Invulnerability
Other Powers Flying
Threat Level 47
Formal Name The Sovietski
Gender Gendericon male.png Male
Supergroup C.C.C.P.
Additional information available at City Info Tracker

Battle Cry
"The Revolution Never Dies!"

The Sovietski is a brute on Victory server. He is a member of The C.C.C.P.


Karl Gregori Basenok, hero of the Revolution, was the USSR's answer to the burgeoning superhuman population across the globe. He was born in October 1917, the same time as the Bolshevik Revolution. He fought the German invasion of his homeland 20 years later, and stood on the fore of the Iron Curtain during the 50's. He was later to be the first Cosmonaut on the Moon in 1967. When his Vostok rocket began lunar orbit insertion, the booster malfunctioned, stranding him in space in suspended animation. The loss of the probe crippled the Soviet moon effort, and demoralized his nation.

His ship returned to earth months ago, and the Soviet Empire had crumbled long before. Now he chafes at the Capitalist regime that grips the world. To him, he is not a criminal, he is a Revolutionist. So for now, he will accept the Rogue Islanders as Allies--it is what he had to do with the Americans in the Great War. But one day, the Revolution will come again, and the Sovietski will be at it's fore!

Recently, he's heard of other dimensions where Nazi's won WWII, and where it may be possible to come to a road of redemption of sorts, becoming more a rogue than true villain. He's exploring his options...

Physical Description & Personal Data

Sovietski has black hair and blue eyes. He is from Moscow, Russia (formerly USSR). Despite that he should be closing in on 100 years old, he appears to be in his late 20s, or early 30s. Whether this is due to his mutant background, or some other reason is as yet unknown. His face always displays a stern demeanor, however his background of being a hero to the Soviet people occasionally betrays itself, as he will sometimes smile or wink to innocents before setting off into battle with super powered individuals.


  • The Revolution Never Dies!

Powers and Abilities

Power Sets

SuperStrength Punch.png Super Strength:

  • Jab
  • Punch
  • Haymaker
  • Taunt
  • Knockout Blow
  • Rage
  • Hurl
  • Footstomp

Invulnerability ToughHide.png Invulnerability:

  • Resist Physical Damage
  • Temp Invulnerability
  • Dull Pain
  • Resist Elements
  • Unyielding
  • Resist Energies
  • Invincibility
  • Tough Hide
  • Unstoppable

Power Pools

Flight TravelFlight.png Flight:

  • Air Superiority
  • Fly

SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Speed:

  • Hasten

EnergyMastery ConservePower.png Energy Mastery:

  • Superior Conditioning
  • Laser Beam Eyes

Inherent Powers

Fitness Quick.png Fitness:

  • Swift
  • Hurdle
  • Health
  • Stamina

Temporary TargetedDebuffDefense.png Origin-Specific:

  • Apprentice Charm

Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Archetype-Specific:

  • Fury

Favored Enemies

The Sovietski seems to take great relish in fighting the 5th Column, and their would-be successors, the Council. He chafes at National Socialism, and will fight them wherever they make an appearance, even going so far as traveling through time to Cimerora to fight their attempted take-over of Imperial Rome by fighting Romulus Augustus.

He's also taken a shine to battling the Rikti, and will fight them wherever they appear. He finds their attempts to conquer Earth very reminiscent of what happened in his homeland during WWII.


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The Sovietski is inspired by every bad anachronistic Soviet super-villain that ever opposed those who fight for Truth, Justice & the American Way. The first inkling of where the character came from comes from the graphic novel, Red Son. After that, it was merely putting a new spin and background in!

Patriot to the Cause
Stalingrad/Rikti Fighting Uni
Cosmonaut uniform
Cimeroran disguise
Navy casual