Undersecretary Liv (Freedom)

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Undersecretary Liv

Undersecretary Liv is a level 18 Natural Arachnos Widow on the Freedom server, played by @Patteroast. Her primary powerset is Widow Training and her secondary powerset is Teamwork. She has pool powers from the Leaping set.

Undersecretary Liv was created on December 13, 2008.

Undersecretary Liv is a member of the Les Enfant Terribles supergroup.

Undersecretary Liv's counterpart on Praetorian Earth is Ms. Pelafina.


Ms. Lièvre has served in Arachnos her entire life. She is in training to become an Arbiter, and she hopes to eventually become the head of the Rouge Isles Department of Education. Some have described her as an 'Evil Librarian'.

She doesn't seem to mind that characterization.


Widow Training: Poison Dart (1), Strike (2), Follow Up (8), Lunge (12), Spin (16), Dart Burst (18)

Teamwork: Combat Training: Defensive (1), Combat Training: Offensive (4), Indomitable Will (10), Tactical Training: Maneuvers (14)

Leaping: Super Jump (6)

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