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About Tahquitz
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Tahquitz.
Badge vr months 072.png This user is Distinguished.
CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Triumph server.
Emblem Shield 01.png Tahquitz is a Leader of the Heads of Cerberus SG on the Triumph server.
Emblem 4.png Tahquitz is a Member of Negative Rein4cement VG on the Triumph server.
Archetypeicon blaster.png This user's main hero is a Blaster.
V archetypeicon dominator.png This user's main villain is a Dominator.
CST This user's time zone is CST.
Level 50.png This user has one or more Level 50 Heroes and Villains.

Self Bio

Started in Issue 9 back in September 2007. First Supergroup was Paragon Regulators, then moved on to Heads of Cerberus. Was offline during the Dark Age (2008 Recession) as I lost my apartment, but I returned in 2010 as an active player through the Sunset.

Titan Network

Joined Titan Network in 2012 shortly after the shutdown. In 2016, I became a Forum Moderator on the Titan Network boards. Shortly thereafter myself and three other Paragon Chat enthusiasts started [Hero Events Resource Committee], which held public events on Paragon Chat from 2016-2019.

As mentioned in Paragon Wiki, I'm willing to help users having issues in Ouroboros Portal. Just let me know.


Oh, yeah, that place. I work there, too. Been a volunteer starting from 2020 onwards. Please keep those requests for help on their website, please.


Tahquitz, Level 50 Vigilante
Paige Pirillo, Level 50 Hero*
Seneca Thompson, Level 30 Hero*
(More to come.)

  • Character did not exist when the game was live. They now exist on Homecoming.