Volt Mistress (Defiant)

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Volt Mistress Vault Reserve.jpg
Volt Mistress
Player: @Corlagon
Server: Defiant
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 19
Generic Villaingroup 101
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Clara Curtis
Age: 32
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islands (naturalized)
Canada (originally)
Occupation: Mercenary, burglar
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Electrical melee, electric armor, increased speed
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Volt Mistress is a Villainous Brute on Defiant. Her power sets are Electrical Melee and Electric Armor.

She is a sociopath who apparently became a criminal long before she came to the Rogue Isles and obtained superhuman powers. She may commit burglary for enjoyment, and less so for what she gains from it; she has since become a professional villain.

Her civilian name is Clara Curtis, but she appears to have changed her identity several times during her career.

Character History


Volt Mistress's original identity is unknown, but her supposed birthdate of 1978-03-19 is thought to be correct, and she appears to have grown up in Canada. She has suggested she commited her first break-ins in the late nineties, then started doing them more frequently during the Rikti War, exploiting the chaos it caused. Now an experienced burglar, she became a wanted criminal in various North American states, changing her identity several times over the following years.

She eventually came to the Rogue Isles in mid-2007, where she apparently bribed an official to make her a citizen under the name of Clara Curtis. Settling on Mercy Island, she took up a day job as a cashier in a small store while secretly continuing her burglary.


Arachnos eventually took notice of the frequent break-ins, with one officer becoming determined to capture the criminal. In May 2008, Operative Harloch's troops finally managed to arrest "Clara". However, the fact that she had so far never remained in custody for too long made her defiant; when Harloch interrogated her she remained brash and eventually spit him in the face. The hotheaded officer subsequently put her on a nearby electric chair, and made sure it had as much power as possible. Surprisingly, her body survived the electrocution and even absorbed the electricity, allowing her to kill a surprised Harloch and escape.

As Arachnos believes in the survival of the fittest and saw a potential ally, they soon tracked her down again and offered (or forced) her to join Operation: Destiny. Her villain name was picked at random.

Volt Mistress was not interested in the struggle for power, however, and simply continued living as she did before she received her powers, which would just make her break-ins somewhat easier. This was not what the spiders wanted, of course, so in late October she started doing a bit mercenary work seemingly seeking to increase her power, just to satisfy Arachnos.

Breaking out once again.

Professional Villain

In March 2010, Operative Livingston warned her to make her career at last, as Arachnos would no longer accept her if she did not appear to be useful, and offered to help her with it. What then presumably went on was that he intended to seduce her, and Volt Mistress repressed neither him nor her own alleged sadism. She subsequently claimed she had killed Livingston in self-defense.

Still, the operative had finally made her realize that fighting with her powers was definitely more fun than being a cashier. She then became a full-time villain, beginning by robbing the store she had been working at. She then moved to Cap au Diable, which appeared to be the best location for her career for the time being.

Willing to give a loose alliance with similarly evil fellows a try, Volt Mistress applied for (and recieved) membership in Generic Villaingroup 101 in mid-April.

Personality and Motivation

Volt Mistress is considered a sociopath, as she does not care about rules unless she feels she has to. She does not seem to care about riches and power, either, however – she commits her crimes simply for fun and personal challenge. She appears to maintain a relatively humble lifestyle and is said to just squander her gains; notably, she held a regular job for several years.

Volt Mistress does not actively participate in the good vs. evil struggle of the region – she only attacks other people when she expects to enjoy it, they possess something she actually wants, she has been provoked in some way or somebody pays her for it.

Powers and Abilities

The electricity is a permanent part of Volt Mistress's body, and she is able to use it for powerful melee attacks as well as to shield herself. She can also accelerate herself to some extend.

Further electric chair experiments to reproduce her powers have not been known for being successful, implying she might already have been a mutant.


It is speculated that Volt Mistress's body actually needs the electricity to remain alive. There is also a theory that an electrical device could be used to control her in some way.




  • Freedom Corps – Not an actual archenmity, but Volt Mistress frequently tries robbing establishments in Paragon City and may get herself arrested for a while, only to feel even more challenged (much to the annoyance of Arachnos).


Volt Mistress is presumably used to wear a mask from her time as a common criminal. Her Clara Curtis identity has always been known to Arachnos, and the effect that her powers have on her hair does not help, either.

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