Warsuit X-5 (Virtue)

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Warsuit X-5
Player: @Warsuit X-5
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 44
None at Present
Personal Data
Real Name: Formerly Jennifer Green
Known Aliases: None
Age: 23
Height: 8' in armor
Weight: 400 lbs, including armor
Eye Color: blue, covered by helmet
Hair Color: blonde, covered by helmet
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Destroyer and Chaos-spreader
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Energy Melee/Invulnerability
Known Abilities
Super-jumping, fighting skills
Variety of devices kept from her missions


While it seems that the machine called Warsuit X-5 has little, if any personality, it actually does have a very strong personality, it simply lacks the ability to express it. At a most basic level, the inhabitant of the suit craves conflict and destruction. Or at least, that's what the inhabitant was programmed to crave.

The suit's communication abilities are rather limited, it takes a large amount of concentration for it to communicate beyond limited grunts. It does have a simple speaker/screen to talk to people that produces an emotionless robotic voice and words on a screen when it has to talk. When it wants to use an actual voice with emotion, it has a rough, low metallic voice. That also is very taxing on her mentally, causing interactions with her to be short and direct. The only time she's appeared to be in pain except for combating a Psionic enemy has been during conversations lasting over a few minutes.

The name Warsuit comes from the suit type's nickname in Paragon City's media, X-5 comes from the name etched into the collar of the suit.


Energy Melee

The main combat abilities of the various suits are mostly energy based attacks. The inhabitant is both a power source for, and a user of the powers given by the suit. X-5 seems to take great delight in using the Energy Transfer ability. It's been said that she seems to feel physical pleasure from that.


The Warsuit series is designed to put out high amounts of damage, while able to take damage as well. X-5 has never shown any emotional response to any amount of pain in combat except from Psionic attacks, even though it has the sense to flee at appropriate times.


They are characteristically direct and violent, running toward the enemy and hitting them with everything it has. Its preference isn't to kill enemies, as it is programmed to enjoy the intimidation and fear of a defeated enemy, though again, it's shown no compunction against killing, and when it does, it makes it very painful and messy.


Melee combat is its only strength, its inability to communicate beyond the most basic levels means that it doesn't have the ability to taunt an enemy. Though its ability to just stand there and take attacks can frustrate even the most careful opponents.


It has no realistic ability to protect against psionic attacks. This was both a bug, and a feature of all of the suits, making them easily controlled by their superiors in the program. However, it still attacks telepaths with the same reckless abandon, if it thinks it can survive. It also shows a special hatred for defeated telepaths, often inflicting makeshift lobotomies on them.

Character History

Early Background

The person inhabiting the suit X-5 wasn't always a monster. She actually was a very nice, polite person, even shy named Jennifer Green. But things change, she had a job as a receptionist at the company that created the suits, a small company trying to compete with Crey on the battle armor front.

The suits were designed not for heroic types to wear, but for villains. The armors were designed to use the wearer to power it, and to both punish and rehabilitate them. Some would call the "rehabilitation" a severe and brutal form of brainwashing, and some would be right to call it that. That was why the process was kept so secret.

It was unfortunate for her that she was working late when some supervillain tried to steal the armors and destroy the production line. Her natural durability made itself known then, when she was nearly crushed under a collapsing building frame. Unfortunately, her rescuer was the supervillain, looking for test subjects.

The villain knew that she wouldn't be able to support an army of them, so she was going to make a few of them to use as walking, intelligent bombs to spread destruction throughout. The villain used even more brutal psionic assaults to let her reprogram her first victim.

After she completely broke down Jennifer's mind, she locked the armor on. The armor is bound to Jennifer's body and mind. The only way to completely remove it would be to tear the wiring out of her brain, along with much of the brain itself. The physical armor acts as a sensory deprivation device, the inhabitant's mind is aware of what's happening at one level, subconciously, and reacts to its surroundings, however the conscious mind is incapable of accessing most of that information. The external armor can be removed with the right codes, but the control system is bound into her brain, and nervous system.

Jennifer Green was presumed killed in the attack, though no body was ever found. Because of that, no one ever tried to find her, but inquiries into the attack led to the revelation of how brutal the rehabilitation program was. The villain released the first of her suits to raise havoc while she tried to rob a bank on the other side of town. However, X-5 was inexperienced, even weak and was easily captured when it tried to attack several members of the Freedom Phalanx and the Vindicators that were gathered together.

Her creator got away in the chaos, but she was easily captured and sent to the Zig. To this date, her creator is unknown, but Mynx was able to determine that the villain was female by her scent.

Recent Background

Of course, the stay at the Zig was short-lived, and after its escape she did standard minion-type work as it learned its way around.

X-5 is much more sophisticated now. Now instead of just brutal violence, now its brutal violence with a plan. It's rescued women from Peter Themari, only to kidnap them to lure Longbow and a trio of heros into a trap. Most recently in its own plans, it tried to use a mind control device on Overdrive, which failed. However, her normal mode of operations is not so elaborate, its usually limited to knocking someone out and then when they wake up, breaking the victim's arms and legs in several places.

There's one oddity in its programming, X-5 is programmed to cause conflict and destruction and to make itself feared and hated, but if it were to kill all her opponents, there could be no conflict, no one to fear her. For this reason, there's been a large number of kidnappings she's done where Longbow, or other interested parties mysteriously tracked the victim down. Additionally, it shows little interest in doing such sadistic things to normal civilians, only to exceptional people like heroes or villains.