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Xeryck is a level 17 Natural Arachnos Soldier on the Pinnacle server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Arachnos Soldier and his secondary powerset is Training and Gadgets. He has pool powers from the Leaping set.

Xeryck was created on August 29, 2008.

Xeryck is a member of the Enclave of EVIL supergroup.


Just a (relatively) loyal Arachnos soldier.


Arachnos Soldier: Pummel (1), Burst (2), Wide Area Web Grenade (6), Heavy Burst (8), Venom Grenade (12), Bayonet (16)

Training and Gadgets: Wolf Spider Armor (1), Combat Training: Offensive (4), Tactical Training: Maneuvers (14)

Leaping: Super Jump (10)

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