Crag Dorok (Virtue)

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Crag Dorok
Player: @Dyne

It's time to rock and roll!







Super Group:

The Guardians of Ardhine



Personal Data
Real Name:

Crag Dorok





Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Blue and spiky

Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:

Arokine, Ardhine

Base of Operations:



former Captain of the Guard


Siara Leonidas


Vizier Somomon

Powers Data
Known Powers:

Stone Armor

Known Abilities:

Large Avian riding

Known Equipment:

The traditional oversized Arokinian Guardsman's mace


Nobuo Uematsu - FFIV Boss Battle (1) and Battle with the Four Fiends (2)


Refugee from the world of Ardhine

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Crag Dorok is Stone Armor/War Mace hero from the Virtue server, played by @Dyne. He is a refugee from the world of Ardhine, and his travel power is Giant Domesticated Ostrich.


The dimension that Portal Corporation refers to as Phi X-2 -- known to its inhabitants as Ardhine -- is a world where potent magic and rediscovered ancient super-technology hold equal dominion, where monsters assault those brave enough to travel the wilderness, and where most journeys are therefore via the vast network of elevated roads, by airship flight, or by giant domesticated ostrich.

Crag Dorok was a bright young Captain in the Royal Guard of Arokine, one of the kingdoms of Ardhine, until the corrupt Vizier Somomon orchestrated a coup to seieze the throne of the rightful ruler, King Cecil. Realizing that the only chance for Arokine lay in escaping to fight another day, Captain Dorok helped his King to escape. Unfortunately, Crag himself was overwhelmed, captured, and taken to Somomon's research prison. Along with other prisoners, Crag was subjected to horrible experiments.

By exposing subjects to dangerous and forbidden Ar-Tsuna energy, this research was intended to unlock the secret of binding elemental spirits to a living person, allowing Somomon to go on to create an army of super soldiers with which to conquer the other kingdoms of Ardhine. In Crag's case, this process worked, and he was imbued with the strength and durability of stone. Others were not so fortunate.

When Portal Corporation opened a test portal into the cellblock beneath the research labs, Captain Dorok led a handful of his fellow prisoners (including Siara Leonidas) in a daring escape through to the other side of the gateway. After arriving in Paragon City and telling their tale, they were quickly granted refugee status. Crag and Siara registered as heroes soon after, planning to undergo the lengthy and arduous Ardhinian rite of passage known as "Leveling Up". This would enable them to return to Phi X-2 in order to confront Vizier Somomon and restore King Cecil to his rightful throne.

In-game Description

A refugee from the nation of Arokine in dimension Phi X-2, also known as Ardhine. Ardhine is noted for its strong magic and ancient superscience, as well as the dangerous monster-infested wilderness (most travel is performed by Large Avian Transport on a network of elevated roadways).

Crag Dorok was Captain of King Cecil's palace guard when the corrupt Vizier Somomon orchestrated a coup. Crag was imprisoned and exposed to dangerous Ar-Tsuna energy in torturous experiments meant to bind elemental spirits to his body, so that Somomon could learn to create an army of Super Soldiers.

When Portal Corp opened a test gate to Phi X-2, Crag led a group of prisoners (including Siara Leonidas) in a daring escape through to the other side. They were accepted as refugees and have now registered as heroes in order to embark on the long Ardhinian rite known as "Leveling Up", so they may one day return home to confront the Vizier.


As the astute reader may have suspected from descriptions of his world, Crag and Siara were intended to be a parody of characters in the Final Fantasy series. There were a lot of little references to Final Fantasy. For example, Ardhine's portal corp designation, "Phi X-2", is derived from "Fi(nal fantasy) X-2". Another hint is that the character's name follows a similar pattern as Final Fantasy protagonists like Cloud and Squall.

Crag was mostly roleplayed for amusement value. His dialogue was also sprinkled with FF references, such as bemusement that people of earth didn't adopt "large avian transport", as it would be much safer than walking. (In many FF games, Chocobo riding -- the FF version of horseback -- renders the player completely immune to attack.) He claimed that his travel power was "Giant Domesticated Ostrich", and his theory regarding Paragon's severe villain and monster infestation was that the city and its roads had simply been built too close to the ground.