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Paragon Chat is a XMPP Chat overlay for the City of Heroes Issue 24 Beta Client. It allows players to bring their characters online and talk over a common XMPP server.

Characters in Paragon Chat should use the [[Category: Paragon Chat Characters]] category in their pages to delineate characters that are either available in Paragon Chat that were in the game when it was live. Simply add it to your character's page at the same place your Server categories are listed.

You should also use the [[Category: Paragon Chat Characters]] category in your pages for characters original to Paragon Chat (meaning they didn't exist when the game was online.)

Further information on Paragon Chat is available on Paragon Wiki, or at the Titan Network Forums.

New Users: Making a new entry in Ouroboros Portal

To make a new page for your Paragon Chat character:

  • Enter your character's name in the Search box to the left. If they existed when the game was live, enter the server in parentheses: "Action Man (Freedom)". If the character is in Paragon Chat only, ignore the server and just enter the name.
  • If the page doesn't exist, click on the red link of your character name. If it does, open the page and skip the next step.
  • Create their page. As a quick start, you can copy the contents of any other character in Ouroboros Portal (see below for examples) and paste it in yours, then change the contents to reflect your character.
  • At the bottom of the page, paste [[Category: Paragon Chat Characters]] to allow it to appear in this page.
  • If the character was live when the game was running, you can also paste links to other categories that apply depending on your server and alignment. Other categories can be found here. (Mostly "Server Name" "Alignment", such as Victory Heroes, Triumph Villains, Freedom Vigilantes, etc.)