P3TRVS (Union)

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in-game screenshot
Player: @P3TRVS
Server: Union
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Yohanes Wijaya
Known Aliases: Petrus
Species: Human
Age: 30's
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 85kg
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Indonesian
Occupation: Recon Officer
Place of Birth: Indonesia
Base of Operations: Boomtown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
basic infantry skill
Assault rifle, sidearms, helmet and body armor
No additional information available.

P3TRVS is a code name for a recon officer operating in Paragon City. An ex-soldier fights evil and crime alongside Paragon's finest. He was also investigating a relation between a masked heroine with his long-dead sister. His intuition told him that she was still alive somewhere.


Early Life, 1983-2002

Yohanes was born on Apr 12, 1983, in Semarang, Indonesia. His father, Yonas Wijaya, was well acquainted with a local military figure. This particular man would influence Yohanes' personality. Under his influence, Yohanes grew into a brave and resolute young man.

Yohanes had a younger sister. A particular gene mutation disease manifested itself when she was five years old. Her condition quickly deteriorated after her 16th birthday. She remained bedridden until her death.

The First Rikti War, 2002

He joined the army after he had graduated from high school. In 2002, he was deployed against alien forces near his hometown. His district survived the initial onslaught while many other districts had been wiped out. Yohanes and his surviving division retreated to a nearby town and fortified it as best as they could. They successfully held back enemy attacks for several weeks. Unfortunately, Yohanes and a few soldiers contracted a Rikti Disease while they were fighting invading Rikti forces. When a massive Rikti group, which was retreating from failed U.S. invasion campaign, finally overran their fortified city, many civilians, including Yohanes' family, were killed in the crossfire. All surviving defender, including Yohanes, was captured. He, along with all of his comrades, succumbed to the infection in the following months of captivity.

Lost, 2002-2011

The virus mutated both his body and his mind. It made him into a super soldier with psychic abilities, but it also twisted his mind. Yohanes would later remark that joining and supporting the aliens seemed noble as the virus polluted his brain. It made him voluntarily fight against his already devastated country and "persuaded" his countrymen to join the aliens. In the next five years, he would become stronger and more powerful.

When he was strong enough to defeat a metahuman, the aliens sent him to a new stronghold in Paragon City. He would join the rank of Lost, convert as many heroes he could find, and make way for the next invasion.

Yohanes lured, abducted, and brainwashed several metahumans to support his cause. The plan worked quite well until several heroes captured him in a raid. They made him a test subject for a new Rikti Virus cure. The experiment successfully restored him, although some of his scars and deformation remained. He also lost his psychic ability.

His case sparked interest in Paragon City. Some people condemned his deeds, but the others believed he is innocent. After a lengthy trial, he was found not guilty. One of his sympathizers helped him so that he could legally work in The States.

Recon Officer, 2011-present

Although Yohanes had some combat experience against the aliens, The Vanguard would not accept him due to his checkered background. Luckily, his application as a recon officer was approved. He gathered intel on criminals in Hazard Zone, reported their movement to his superior and pinpointed any high-value target since then. However, unlike most recon officer, he and his team are allowed to attack the target themselves whenever necessary. He is currently operating in Boomtown.


Yohanes is a seasoned soldier from Rikti War, although he spent most of the time fighting for the wrong side. He can accurately guess his opponent's motive and weaknesses, and he uses them to his advantage. He also excels in persuading his teammates (or, frequently, his superior) to do his bidding.

Personal Life

Yohanes is befriending a young psychic after he saved her from a rogue Crey scientist. He said that the young heroine reminds him of his late sister, and he genuinely wants to help her. Mei Lan does not bear any resemblance to his late sister, nor she is a victim of life-threatening gene mutation syndrome.