Bloodspore (Justice)

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Player: @Thirty-Seven






Villain Group:

The Legions of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Jason Pierce

Known Aliases:



Human-Symbiote Hybrid


5' 10"


188 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:

First Ward

  • T.E.S.T. Ranger (Former)
  • Dregs Member (Former)

None (Died in First Ward)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Dark Control
  • Darkness Assault
Known Abilities:


Known Equipment:

T.E.S.T. Armor

[ Source ]
Bloodspore, as a trading card.


Jason Pierce, or "Piercer" as he was known by his friends in TEST, was assigned to First Ward along with his brothers in arms before there was a division known as DUST (the region had not yet been abandoned). He was stationed there to safeguard the city from lingering Devouring Earth (or DE) attacks. However, when one of the more clever DE attacks occurred in which the center of the city was gutted, and sonic fencing was turned against the citizenry to force the tentacled beasties to withdraw, Piercer and a few of his crew were left behind... along with many other citizens. When the order was made that First Ward was to be abandoned, and cordoned off completely... Piercer gave up hope of ever being sent re-enforcements or any form of help at all to quell the panic in what few survived.

It was not long after these catastrophic events that groups of citizens gathered together to form almost tribe-like bands to aid in their own survival. One such group called the Dregs was made up mostly of ex-military pernsonel and other hardcases from the area. It was with this group, that Piercer threw in his lot. As a Dreg, Piercer did a few things that he is very much not proud of, like assiting in enslaving other First Warders, but he got by and buried his feelings of discomfort. After all, these folks were his meal ticket... and he would hate to turn them against him.

A few years passed with little about the situation having changed. With each mission he completed succesfully and each day that went by, Piercer gained more and more respect and clout among the Dregs. Piercer was eventually assigned to lead a group on a mission to investigate a disturbance that was occurring in one of the food and weapon storage locations they used. Once there, it became obvious that something odd was going on indeed.

We Hunger

Upon arriving at the warehouse, members of his team began radioing in that they heard voices... but they were coming from inside their heads. Piercer had tangled with some pretty insidious folks before, but this would be his first encounter with an entity with psionic powers... so he didn't know at the time that this was exactly what he would soon be facing.

Soon, he heard those voices too:

To say the least, they were disturbing. To hear an odd gurgling evil voice reverberating in your own head, squeezing in between each and every one of your thoughts, overtaking some of your senses and, worst of all, making you feel as though your brains were trying to force their way out through your eyes! It was maddening. Piercer fought this immense discomfort because, well, he had a job to do.

It wasn't long before the other members of his team stopped radioing in. It wasn't long until shots were heard. It wasn't long before Piercer nearly tripped over the body of one of his team: he had been shot in the head... it looked self-inflicted.

Oh they "vexed" him something fierce, but his determination kept him from ending his own life... and this determination would eventually cause his free-will to be... shared is perhaps the best word for it, ironic as that may be. For if he had left, or killed himself, the entity projecting those thoughts would never have infected his body that day.

Girl in the Dark

Piercer endured the darkness, and those lunatic thought-insertions for longer than he cared to contemplate, and inched his way to the very back of the warehouse. There, he discovered a girl of about 10 or 11 years old lying in a pool of (what appeared to be) blood. She was breathing, but her eyes stared off into the distance... fixed on nothing in particular. She had a grievous wound to her head, and needed some desperate medical attention. Piercer's first thought was that he needed to get her out before whatever was making those strange guttural oozy voices came for her. His second thought wasn't his:

Piercer smacked the side of his head to clear his mind a bit and stepped forward toward the dying girl stooping to pick her up as he did so when, suddenly: the entire puddle of blood surged forward and just before it hit him square in the chest, Piercer saw... or thought he saw... the goo take the shape of a wolf's head, as if it was familiar with that form. More and more surged out of the little girl twisting and contorting her body as it forced its way out of her body. Piercer was envelopped with an overwhelming sensation of warmth, but also a disturbing pins-and-needles tingling as if his entire body had just "woken up" like an arm that had been under his pillow while he slept on it. All the while, Piercer was screaming at the top of his lungs and shooting wildly at the puddle, the girl, the walls... to no avail. His screaming, of course, as instinctual as it was, gave the puddle of not-blood a way into his body. Soon, the amorphous creature had merged with Piercer completely even sharing his consciousness.

An Awakening

In unison with the symbiote's voice, Piercer says: "This new power is far stronger than what came before... and we will be unmatched! It will serve us well for all our needs! It is fortunate we came across a power such as us, for without it, we could never have been this strong! How intense this will be! Hahaha ahahaha!"

"Yes, this will do us very well."

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information about Bloodspore and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

This is a character that has failed to get off the ground several times. First, he was to be an AR/Pain Corruptor directly after Pain Domination was added to the game. However, I found out just how much I dislike playing a set with a lot of healing and that character sat fallow for a good long while.

When I was fighting in First Ward, I realized that I could re-make him and use the Dregs' looks as an inspiration. In fact, the magical blood curse that gives Bloodspore his name also fit well into the idea that First Ward really does revolve around magic!

As almost an afterthought, when I was writing his bio, I thought that mayhap he should speak in the plural "we do this" and "you test our patience", etc. The idea cemented him for me.

With the forthcoming Dark Control on the horizon, he (rather than Slashblot) will be re-made as a Dark Control/Dark Assault Dominator... but that depends entirely on how well the new Dark powers re-color to look like blood. However, with the new "inkier" appearance of those powers, it is entirely likely that they will re-color nicely.

Now having played around with the set a bit on Beta... and intigrated the form of a wolf into the backstory just a bit, I think it will fit this character perfecly!


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