Cryo Glacier (Infinity)

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Cryo Glacier
Player: @Phoenix Cable






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Steve Christiansen

Known Aliases:







170 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI


College Student

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Cold Domination
  • Ice Blast
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
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Steve Christiansen was just your average college student. Young and full of ambition, zest, and arrogance about what he was capable of doing with his life. He had just completed his sophmore year at The Steel Canyon University when he noticed an interesting internship opportunity on the bulletin board on campus. Scrawled on a piece of creepy looking parchment was an opportunity to learn a little magic under the guidance of the Midnighters. In that, Steve had found an interesting way to spend his summer vacation from the university.

He spent his first night in the Midnighters compound wandering empty corridors and leafing through creepy old spellbooks. Eventually he stumbled upon an odd floating crustal, filled with an ominous flame, flickering through the prismic shard and casting rainbows on the skin of his face. He reached out to touch the crystal when one of the senior members of the Midnighters grabbed him by the shoulder and warned him that he was not ready to see what the crystal had the power to show him.

Steve spent the next few weeks studying all of the literature he could find on the crystal, spending his time in the ancient libraries of the Midnighters compound and obsessively pouring through book after book with the hopes of unraveling the mystery of the strange flaming shard. Late one night, while on the verge of falling asleep with his face buried in one of the dusty old volumes, he came across a brief entry about a magical crystal that had the power to transport an individual to the sacred lands of Cimerora. He snapped right out of his groggy state and read the entire entry, educating himself on the properties of the preserved Roman Kingdom and the Well of Furies.

Curiosity got the best of Steve, and in the twilight house of the next morning, he creeped through the corridors seeking the odd glowing crystal. More lucky than he had any right to hope for, the guard standing watch over the crystal had fallen asleep against the wall, leaving the nebulous power of the shard wide open for Steve to access. Slowly and apprehensively, Steve reached out his hand and pressed it gently against the oddly cold surface of the ancient shard...


The Ice Giant

After a disorienting flash of bright light, Steve felt the curious sensation of tiny insects crawling all over his skin, piercing and tearing at his flesh; it was almost as if he were being torn apart into thousands of tiny pieces. And then it was over and he was standing in a well lit cave surrounded by Midnighters. None of them looked pleased, but they did not say anything to him. One of them gestured toward the entrance to the cave as if inviting Steve to explore for himself.

Pulled toward the warm sent of salty seawater, Steve ventured out into the Roman countryside and saw for himself for the first time the majesty of Cimerora. It was dusk on the hillside and so the lands were mostly vacant, save for a few sporadic groupings of Roman guards standing like sentries around the centrally located water fountain, and against the wall of a massive tomb looking structure.

After wandering through the streets and along the vast sprawling hillsides for what seemed like hours and hours, Steve ran into something he did not expect. Perched on the edge of a small plateau was a massive body of ice in the shape of a man, only ten times the size. Scared only at first, Steve approached the monster and awkwardly introduced himself. After a lengthy conversation with the best, Steve learned that it was an Elemental of the Well and referred to itself as the "Ice Giant". Intrigued by Stevens sharp intelligence and zealous personality, the Ice Giant decided to choose him as his prodigy. Before he had the chance to protest, or even consider what the Elemental was offering, it touched Steve's chest, sending a chilly and tingly wave of power through the young student's entire body; indeed, the Ice Giant had shared a piece of his life force with Steve, speading his icey powers directly into the yound man's soul.

After returning to Steel Canyon, Steve put his studies on the back burner to pursue the life of a hero. He took on the alias of "Cryo Clacier", a pseudonym inspired by his newfound ability to create, control and manipulate ice in all its various manifestations. He can even change his entire anatomy by transforming himself into a living ice man, just like the Elemental that gave him his powers. Under the instruction of the Ice Giant, Steve sought out a man named Demetri Everdeen, the hero known as Kinetic Phoenix. Demetri too had been given a gift by an Elemental, the one in which his namesake came from in fact: the Phoenix. The two quickly struck up a friendship and Demetri invited Steve to join his super group, "The Strands of Fate".

Now, the Cryo Glacier fights alongside his fellow "prodigy" and the other league members of The Strands of Fate, studying The Well, fighting the criminal exploits of various villain groups, and otherwise protecting the best interests of Paragon and Cimerora.