Dark Blondeshell (Triumph)

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Dark Blondeshell.jpg Dark Blondeshell (32)
32px paragonwiki:File:Originicon mutation.png paragonwiki:File:V archetypeicon stalker.png
Power Sets: Ninja Blade / Super Reflexes
Final Zone: Port Oakes

Server: Triumph
Player: @Blondeshell




Dark Blondeshell never had a fully-formed bio, but the concept was a typical alternate universe version / doppleganger of Blondeshell. The concept I had while playing Dark Blondeshell (being my secondary badge hunting character) was to see how many badges I could earn at the lowest possible level. I was able to earn 300 badges before level 29 when the maximum villain badges at the time was 517. I thought that was a pretty good badges to level ratio compared to other players tracked at Badge-Hunter.com. Eventually, though, the work of having to keep up two badge hunting characters took its toll (especially after Going Rogue came out), and Dark Blondeshell was essentially abandoned.


Costume 1 
Original outfit