Dr. Sikuliaq (Infinity)

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Dr. Sikuliaq
Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Dr. Andrew Dempsey, PsyD




5' 8"


155 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI

  • Psychology Professor (Former)
  • Archaelogist / Occultist
  • Amateur Hero
  • Wife (Estranged)
  • Daughter
Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Ice Control
  • Storm Summoning
Known Abilities:


Known Equipment:

Tempest Shroud (Translation)

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Dr. Sikuliaq, as a trading card.


Dr. Andrew Dempsey spent almost as many hours studying the occult and mysticism as he did teaching in the Psychology department of Founders' Falls' branch of Paragon City University. So much time did he spend in these activities, that he would have forgotten he even had a wife were it not for the frequent calls from his daughter who was away at a private school. His wife harrangued him regularly from the door to his office... which he hardly ever noticed. She was, though, rather content to continue the lifestyle she had lead up to this point: care-free shopping, and a well appointed comfortable home in which to house her purchases.

The problem really arrived when Andrew's obsession grew to the point where it interrupted his teaching. He missed whole days of class, and graded papers sporadically at best. After a very stern meeting with the head of his department, Andrew decided that something really needed to be done about this.

He arrived home to see that all of his belongings that had resided in the master bedroom with his wife's things were now neatly stowed in the guest bedroom down the hall. Andrew shrugged, giving not a passing glance to his wife as he strolled into his office. He did however notice that his new bedroom was in fact much closer to his office than his old one.

Andrew decided that he needed to get away for a time. Clear his head. Perhaps, what he really needed was time to really delve into his obsession and get it out of his system.

And so, a trip to the frozen north was planned! He had heard of a dig that was going on in the northern reaches of Canada and what is now Alaska. This region was one in which he had been focused for some time, rumor was that there were several lost relics of magical ability from long-dead Inuit societies (the fact that these items might be pure fantasy never really reached his mind).

He informed his wife that he would be heading out for a month or so, and gave his daughter a call to wish her well and headed out for norhtern Canada!

The Dig

Once on the site of the dig, his obsession did subside a bit. He was able to focus with the biting wind at his back, and the freedom to think and do almost whatever he wanted! He was however rather dissappointed when almost nothing of significance turned up in the dig over the first full month he was there. It was toward the end of the second month that an item was discovered: a heavy wooden box with silver detailing and a word engraved upon the lid, when translated it read: "A Tempest Shrouds the Frozen." What lay within this box was a cloak that became known as the Tempest Shroud due to the message on the box.

After the archeologists and other folks at the site had gone to bed for the night, Andrew had to indulge his curiosity. For it was this very item that he had harbored a hope he might find! He placed the cloak around his shoulders, pulled up the hood and was instantly swept up in a swirling vortex. He was set down lightly on the hard-packed snow and felt a tremendous swell of power. The cloak had given him the ability to control the essence of the frozen north: he could manipulate snow, ice and the very storms that created them!

Andrew, as he was, died that day... in his place, Dr. Sikuliaq was born! Andrew returned to Paragon not long after that find and quit his Professorship, and felt no need to continue to obssess over his former pursuits. He now dedicated himself full-time to using his powers to benefit mankind, as a hero. His wife, who still refused to out right divorce him, was none too happy by this change, but, she had invested well and was able to keep the house. Though she did have to dial down her shopping a bit, much to her chagrin.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

Doc here was born from the desire to have one of the capes from the Origin Pack be the source of someone's abilities. In this case, the ability to weild the forces of arctic storms. Thus the good doctor was born.

I found that I wanted to play Storm Summoning as well... but wanted to make sure I could immobolize enemies to counteract some of the KB in the set. Which is why I picked a Controller and not a Defender. He does not get played much, but I like his look and powers well enough.


All this character's badges are listed here on City Info Tracker.


  • There are many words in the Inuit languages that refer to snow and ice (if you count the addition of modifiers as new words that is). Specifically, the word sikuliaq is an Inupiaq word meaning "new or young (sea) ice." This refers to his "birth" as a hero, and of course his ice control abilities.