Gabriel Longleaf (Infinity)

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Gabriel Longleaf
Player: @Phoenix Cable






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Gabriel Longleaf

Known Aliases:

Gabe, Gabs, Gabby


Marlin, also known as the Fae. He typically takes the form of an elf.

Date of Birth:

Approximately 600 years ago




165 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Blackish Gray

Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:



Full Time Magical Entity


Elique Longleaf (mother) and Norimus (father)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Electric Control
  • Trap Arrow
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
  • Teleport
  • Fire Mastery
  • Long Range Teleport
Known Equipment:

Bow made of pure Light

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Gabriel Longleaf was born to Elique Longleaf, an Elf Princess turned Angel, and Norimus, a notorious demon from the Marlin underworld. Raised under the pressures of constant celestial conflict, Gabe has endured more opposing influence than another one being should have to live through.

Despite this obvious disadvantage, Gabe matured to become a warmhearted, good-humored, noble young man; although, in Marlin culture "young" is an extremely subjective term. When he first came to Paragon, its true that Gabriel participated in some mischievous but harmless toying with humans; but, after he spent some time studying them, he grew to feel a genuine conviction to protect them from the dangers of criminal society. Thus, he spent a significant amount of time fighting alongside a group of worthy heroes as part of the Paragon Collaborative Special Forces unit (or PCSF), an altruistic super group tasked with protecting humanity and fighting government corruption.


Marlin (Fae) Culture

More often than not, Gabe is an elf. Elves are part of a larger family of mystical creatures called Marlins, also known to humans as the Fae. These races exist to maintain balance and equilibrium in the world of magic. On the light side of magic, Marlins are born and invariably evolve into Elves, faeries, sprites, nymphs, fauns or angels. However, some Marlins, even from birth, choose to walk to the path of shadow and forsake the light. The most commonly seen examples of these dark beings are imps, goblins, demons and trolls.

These creatures are not to be confused with humans whose bodies are manipulates through the abuse of magic, such as vampires, zombies and werewolves. Fanatics, like the Circle of Thorns are nothing more than misfits who choose to abuse magic for the acquisition of power. They are corrupt and not considered part of the true magical world. Even demons and Goblins despise them. But the Fae in general, light or dark, all have a common thirst for mischief (note: these races are not good or evil, because they are inherently neither). They are easily bored and are always interested in tampering with the goings on of others, as folklore has shown us.

Though highly evolved in terms of wisdom and intellect, they are by no means a docile race. They crave action and adventure, excitement and grandeur. They hate sitting still, and most of them (though they relish the moment) are constantly on a path toward another state of being. A sprite may evolve into a faun some day, or an imp may want to grow into a demon. Sometimes they even cross from light to dark, and vice versa; though, rarely.

Though they tend to change forms multiple times within their lifespan, when they reach a state that they are content to spend eternity in, they truly BECOME that entity. So once the nymph spends a significant amount of time experimenting with various forms, it may decide its truly meant to be a faery, and so it will eventually stay a faery forever. Because of this, the Fae age incredibly slowly. If you’ve seen a Marlin with grey hair and a beard, hes probably ancient, in the literal sense; thousands of years old.

They reach our world through Ouroboros, which is the nexus of all realities, apart from the time continuum. They come to our world to study us, and of course, to cause trouble (but then, often, they help to fix or repair whatever damage they cause- yes, even the demons… most of the time). It is through their interactions with humans - and each other - that Marlins are judged by an anonymous deity and ultimately given permission to evolve into their final state of being.

We can reach their world, but it is so complex and so different and alien that our minds cannot perceive it in normal context. It is because of this, that when in their realm, we experience a “representation” of what their world is like. A metaphor. We are shown “it” in a way that our minds can comprehend, but it is no more than a mere representation of what actually is.


The Strands of Fate

Shortly after saving the life of fellow hero Kinetic Phoenix during a dangerous mission in the Shadow Shard, Gabe left the PCSF to join Phoenix's supergroup, the Strands of Fate. He did not do this lightly, as his loyalty to his friends on the PCSF was total and absolute. But his friends saw that he had been feeling a pull toward a greater sense of benevolence, and they felt that their focus on government corruption was holding Gabe back from walking the path of the Marlins; they knew that in order to continue down the evolutionary road of the Fae, Gabe would have to take on larger, more important tasks. They could see that he desperately wanted to work with the Strands of Fate, a team that does great things in the supernatural world, working more closely with the Freedom Phalanx and having more exposure to the Well of Furies - something they long postulated was directly linked to the Fae existence. So when the Kinetic Phoenix and the Lost Emissary offered him a place within their ranks, the PCSF all but forced him to accept the offer, despite his objections. Although Gabe keeps in close contact with Ny, Wylde, Direbane, Bulwark and Nox, his primary focus these days is working with the Strands of Fate in their ongoing effort to unravel the nebulous mysteries of the Well of Furies.