Gamble Spider (Triumph)

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Gamble Spider 1.jpg
Gamble Spider
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Triumph
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier
Threat Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Presumed Human
Age: 20s (estimated)
Height: 5' (estimated)
Weight: 130lbs (estimated)
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Arachnos Special Operative, freelance villain
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Apparent special operations training
Modified Crab Spider backpack and Arachnos Soldier armor
She'd be dead if she weren't so useful


Less than a year ago, a Wolf Spider Soldier wearing a customized uniform and calling herself Gamble Spider turned up at Fort Darwin. She refused to give her real name and couldn't identify which unit she was supposed to be registered to. A special operative code-named "Gamble Spider" was listed in Arachnos' databases, but the files involved appeared to be tampered with. Furthermore, the Fortunatas were unable to see into Gamble Spider's mind or look to her past or future. Kalinda thought it a pretty blatant infiltration attempt, and decided to play along, sending Gamble Spider on a suicide mission against a Longbow base that had been turned up days beforehand.

Gamble Spider, without assistance or backup, completely emptied the base. Surprised, Kalinda informed Lord Recluse, who decided that Gamble Spider should be kept around as a troubleshooter, but not trusted with any sensative information. Gamble Spider rose rapidly through Arachnos, and was quickly selected for promotion to Crab Spider. Unfortunately, the base where Gamble Spider's backpack implantation was supposed to take place was raided by Longbow, who destroyed all records present. The operation was apparently a success, however, as Gamble Spider does sport a Crab Spider Backpack.

Current Status

Gamble Spider is an effective, but unpopular, Arachnos operative. Her very dubious origins, tendancy for trouble-making, and the odd events that seem to follow her mean that she would be dead many times over if she weren't such an effective solo operative. Gamble Spider has a reputation for accomplishing missions and living to tell about it, no matter how suicidal the mission is. She is unpopular among her fellow Arachnos soldiers, and they often "accidentally" injure her when there's no Arbiters around.


Whether she's gunning down Family thugs, tangling with her fellow Arachnos Soldiers, or wrecking a Longbow outpost, Gamble Spider always seems to be in a good mood. Gamble Spider hates actually working with her fellow soldiers, prefering to operate solo. This suits pretty much everyone just fine, since her upbeat personality can grate on her down-to-earth peers. Despite her willingness to follow orders, Gamble Spider is often unpredictable, and tends to make trouble or act strangely for no readily available reason. Despite being relatively new to Arachnos, Gamble Spider has received a large number of warnings regarding her lack of discipline, which she seems to be keeping a list of. Gamble Spider also tends to be very secretive about her operations, usually refusing to fight alongside anyone else and never going into detail regarding how she accomplishes her seemingly-impossible suicide missions.


Details are impossible to come by, but it seems as if Gamble Spider has had training in infiltration, assassination, and other black ops activities before joining Arachnos, which opens a number of interesting, and in some cases disturbing, possibilities regarding her identity. She has also adapted quickly to her Crab Spider backpack, and apparently knows how to avoid getting killed by irritated Arbiters.


Although she is a Crab Spider, Gamble Spider still wears her Wolf Spider armor, specially modified to accommodate her backpack, which also seems to have been modified, as it apparently has a second grenade launcher and more powerful joint actuators. Her armor also seems to have been reinforced. Both armor and backpack are not the standard Arachnos colors, and Gamble Spider is often seen sporting her backpack out of uniform.

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