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Ruble Mind Kinetic.jpeg
Ruble Mind
Player: @Corlagon
Server: None
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Confidential
Threat Level: Align Status Rogue.png 30-40
Personal Data
Real Name: Lyov Basilevsky
Known Aliases: None
Human (cyborg)
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islands (naturalized)
Russia (legally declared dead)
Occupation: Professional villain
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia (original body)
Base of Operations: Mercy Island, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Kinetic melee, mind control, flight
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Ruble Mind is a Rogue NPC not resembling a player Archetype. His power sets are Kinetic Melee and Mind Control.

He was born Lyov Basilevsky at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia. It is unknown how he acquired his psychic powers, but they obviously are (or have become) a part of his spirit rather than his body. When his family had sunk into poverty following World War I and was unable to afford medicaments for his ill sister, Lyov had to beg for money and discovered his powers in the process. Unfortunately, as he grew powerful, he lost his sanity. Getting completely obsessed with his successful activity, he became a superpowered criminal bent on amassing riches but forgetting the reason.

Ruble Mind, as he came to be called, was eventually killed by KGB agents, but by then it was too late – he was able to take over somebody else's body, and theoretically stay on Earth forever. However, he triggered his eventual downfall when he took over the body of a half-elf who would turn out to be a son of Jeutad-eld. The ancient elf eventually decided to rid the world of the madman.

Ruble Mind's last known body belonged to the Kinetic Enforcer, a cyborg Rogue Isles Villain who had teamed up with and backstabbed him in 2006. On September 11, 2011 Jeutad-eld confronted him in his hideout on Mercy Island and cast a spell that supposedly banished the Rogue to the netherworld.

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