Rise of the Fiend Girl

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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
Rise of the Fiend Girl Arc ID: 547286 Author: @Corlagon

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Fiend Girl COT talk.jpg
Rise of the Fiend Girl
Author: @Corlagon
Arc ID: 547286
Arc Details
Arc Type: Solo friendly
Character story
Level Range(s): 1-40, 1-54
No. of Missions: 4
Mission Types: 1: Rescue captives

2: Rescue captives, rescue ally

3: Rescue allies, find object, rescue captive

4: Defeat bosses (EB)

Custom Enemies: Enemy group on one mission, individuals on others
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Circle of Thorns
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Shields of Fiminster
Difficulty: Standard
Elite Bosses: Mental Strike
Ruble Mind
Allies: Angel Tina (L)
Lady Angel (B, optional)
The Messenger (B, optional)
Ms. Ge (EB, optional)
Sonia Melendez (L)
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The Mission Architect story Rise of the Fiend Girl.

Length: Very Long
Alignment: Hero
Level: 1-40

Time and Place: July to September 2007; Paragon City, Boston

A filthy rich family has trouble with demons. The teenage daughter comes up with a rather unexpected way to deal with the situation …

There is an optional ally for the final battle, in order to make it solo-friendly.


Gregor Richardson
Magic Hero Liaison

Gregor Richardson is from Australia, but he's been in America so long that his accent is almost gone. He's a talented artist who spends every moment he can locked away in his studio, painting. Gregor has a knack not just for the fine arts, but for the mystical arts as well.


Gregor Richardson
Gregor Richardson
Good day, $name. The Circle of Thorns is attacking Melendez Nautics, over in Steel Canyon. We don't know why, but they're evil, so you better go and rescue everybody.

Mission 1: Large size map, level range 1-40. Contains Patrol, Release Captive, Ally, Battle.

Mission 2: Medium size map, level range 1-54. Contains Ambush, Patrol, Release Captive, Ally.

Mission 3: Medium size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Patrol, Release Captive, Ally.

Mission 4: Unique map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Ally.


Drum of Wanne-Eickel

A magical relic you confiscated at the Massachusetts Museum of Powers, during the questionable:

Rise of the Fiend Girl

It all began in July 2007 … no, wait, actually it began thirteen years prior to that, when the founders of Melendez Nautics sold themselves and their belongings to some demons in order to be made successful. When it was finally time to pay, they tricked you into defending them from the infernal forces.

When the contract was found to be valid, spoiled daughter Sonia was left without income. Work sucks, so she decided to join you and become a professional superhero. And in order to become super, she summoned another demon and merged with him, then displayed enough willpower to actually take control of the new body. Taken by surprise, the failed evildoer turned to the Oranbegans for help, but you were able to best them as always. Sonia then took the name Fiend Girl and became the sidekick of veteran hero Ms. Ge.

Fast forward to late September, skipping all those Rikti attacks and various instances of Fiend Girl being mistakenly taken for a villain just because she was a half-demon. Mental Strike, a Rogue Isles Villain hopelessly in love with Ms. Ge, went to Boston to steal this relic, hoping it would increase his powers. Ge learned about this and formed a team of heroes (including you) to put him behind bars. Another group of do-gooders, the Shields of Fiminster, were present as well; unfortunately, those fanatics ended up attempting to do stuff with the half-demon girl and let the actual villain get away.

Frustrated by such experiences and fascinated by Mental Strike's carefree lifestyle to the point where she had actually developed a crush on him, Fiend Girl switched sides. She had him rob a bank, and when she and Ms. Ge arrived to stop him, backstabbed her mentor. Unfortunately for her, they were thwarted by the cavalry, i. e. you.

Of course, Arachnos helped the villains escape to the Rogue Isles. But having left her belongings behind, and with Mental Strike having little interest in her, Fiend Girl now had to find her own way to acquire filthy riches and luxury or whatever.

Rise of the Fiend Girl Story Arc
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